Which preposition to use with shadows

of Occurrences 3566%

At once he bubbled up the ghost, and there was an end to that shadow of a life.

on Occurrences 326%

This is the undying charm of Oxfordthe gathering traditions of centuries, the gleaming spires, the age-worn walls and buttresses, the clinging vine, the tremulous light and shadow on the ancient halls, the sculpture of porch and clerestory, and the light that falls through richly tinted windows.

in Occurrences 227%

It appears, therefore, that shadows in great part determine not only the forms of lofty icy mountains, but also those of the snow-banners that the wild winds hang on them.

over Occurrences 128%

It stands now in the open field, a majestic tree; its great trunk, eight feet in circumference, its long arms covered with foliage, casting a broad shadow over the pasture beneath, in which cattle and sheep seek for coolness and ruminate in the heat of the summer days.

from Occurrences 78%

If there were now a Rout, the only dancers would be stiff shadows from the past.

across Occurrences 55%

From above, the hanging lamp threw strong shadows across their faces, bringing out the deep lines, accentuating the dominant passions.

under Occurrences 53%

It is reached, through a huge, arched entrance, on which I observed strange, fantastic carvings, which threw queer shadows under the light of my candle.

with Occurrences 51%

In memory she descended the hill, coming down into the shadows with each step, looking back to the heights and the light.

at Occurrences 39%

It was dissolved in deeper shadows at once, and soundlessly; Lefty knew that Donnegan was closer and closer.

to Occurrences 31%

My own first theatre was in the attic, a place of squeaks and shadows to all except the valiant.

into Occurrences 30%

So came they together out of the shadows into the glory of the morning.

OF Occurrences 26%


behind Occurrences 23%

I looked up, quickly, and as I did so I saw the lights sink into a dull, ruddy tint; so that the room glowed with a strange, heavy, crimson twilight that gave the shadows behind the chairs and tables a double depth of blackness; and wherever the light struck, it was as though luminous blood had been splashed over the room.

for Occurrences 21%

It seemed to me that to our party of three had been added a fourth, the spirit of Trehayne, and that he anxiously waited there yonder in the shadows for the deliverance of our judgment.

beneath Occurrences 21%

The quantity of light reflected from the bent needles was so great as to make whole groves appear as if covered with snow, while the black shadows beneath the trees greatly enhanced the effect of the silvery splendor.

among Occurrences 21%

" She lay for a long time wakeful, revelling in the strange sense of peace which seemed to enfold her, while the evening breeze blew through the room and the twilight threw weird shadows among the dainty draperies.

like Occurrences 19%

The people who were listening held their breath, and a shadow like a cloud fell on them, and they remembered and knew that it was true.

between Occurrences 17%

I accept the situation, since you will have it so; be as just and considerate henceforward as you have been to-night, and trust me that it shall bring no shadow between usshall never make you less to me than you are now.

by Occurrences 17%

He was typically French, smooth-shaven, with a face seamed with little wrinkles and very white, eyes shadowed by enormously bushy lashes, and close-cropped hair as white as his face.

as Occurrences 17%

And, in a landscape spotted with light and shadow, the head of black hair might have passed for a bit of such pitch-black shadow as a tuft of thick foliage casts upon the light-smitten ground.

against Occurrences 14%

He shrinks into shadow against the oak at this suggestion; snakes?

before Occurrences 14%

Contemplating the tremulous, half-fainting figure drooping in the shadows before me, such native chivalry as remained to me, urged me to spare this little friend of mine, so ungifted by nature, so innocent in intention, so sensitive and so shrinking in temperament and habit.

through Occurrences 13%

But to-night between him and his beloved stars stretched a region of shadows through which the eyes of his soul did not look.

about Occurrences 11%

With him, a broken spirit meant a broken heart, and that night he lurked in one of the deepest shadows about the camp-fire and grieved alone.

near Occurrences 10%

But, ere he could draw sword, came a voice from the shadows near bya deep voice, clear and very sweet: "Oh, children," said the voice, "oh, children of God, put up your steel and pray for one whose white soul doth mount e'en now to heaven!"

Which preposition to use with  shadows