Which preposition to use with sheet

of Occurrences 1654%

The lateral quiver of the sun-stream, had grown so swift as to cause the dancing semi-circle of flame to merge into, and disappear in, a sheet of fire that covered half the Southern sky from East to West.

in Occurrences 89%

Bake on wafer sheets in small cakes to a light brown.

for Occurrences 66%

A great deal of army work, such as tent sewing, belts for cartridges, bread sacks, and sheets for hospitals, was made immediately available for the women thrown out of luxury trades.

from Occurrences 66%

It was a flimsy, faintly-ruled sheet from a cheap writing-pad, blotted and soiled, and covered with sprawling letters which had been roughly printed at irregular intervals as though to hide the identity of the writer.

with Occurrences 41%

In one corner was spread a coarse sheet with a couple of pillows against the wall, upon which the silent Mahomedan bade us by a sign recline; in the opposite corner a 'panja', a species of altar smothered in jasmine wreaths and surmounted by a bunch of peacock's feathers; and immediately in front of this an earthen brazier of live charcoal.

on Occurrences 37%

One of the chaps had had a hamper sent him, and they smuggled the grub upstairs; and when they thought the coast was clear, they spread a sheet on the floor, and laid out the grub as if it were on a table-cloth.

to Occurrences 26%

Smith's carts were in attendance at all the great newspaper offices, ready to carry off printed sheets to the Strand house for sorting and packing; and thence they sped swiftly through the streets in the early morning to catch the first trains for the country.

over Occurrences 23%

" She peered at the sheet over his shoulder, her cheek against his and still sobbing a bit in her throat.

at Occurrences 17%

Furthermore, because it is distributed along the lower portion of the range, which was the first to be left bare on the breaking up of the ice-sheet at the close of the glacial winter, the soil it is growing upon has been longer exposed to post-glacial weathering, and consequently is in a more crumbling, decayed condition than the fresher soils farther up the range, and therefore offers a less secure anchorage for the roots.

after Occurrences 12%

Once there, the letters made their own plea; and alone in the little room that was lately her own, she opened the packet, carrying the contents to the fading light and glancing over sheet after sheet.

before Occurrences 11%

For a minute it seemed to be so; then the stony eyes softened and fell, the rigidity of her frame relaxed, and Carmel sank back again on the sofa and tried to read the headlines on the open sheet before her.

around Occurrences 7%

During the calm Indian summer, scarce a sand-grain moves around its banks, but in flood-times and storm-times, soil is washed forward upon it and laid in successive sheets around its gently sloping rim, and is gradually extended to the center, making it dryer.

as Occurrences 7%

Written on the same sheet as the foregoing sonnet, and composed probably in the same year.

into Occurrences 7%

He asks from two to four annas for the prayer sheet and finds many a purchaser in the crowd; and now and again he rolls the sheet into a thin tube and ties it round the neck of a sick child or round the arm of a sick woman, whom faith in Allah urges into the presence of the peripathetic healer.

like Occurrences 7%

Bredwel, to pass Gayman out undetected, ushers him through the room white-sheeted like a ghost, and the two old fools are well frightened, but eventually they conclude there has been some mistake or trick.

by Occurrences 6%

"By thinking, for example, you could elevate your sheet by eliminating certain misapplied colloquialisms.

across Occurrences 5%

She smoothed the pillow about his head and the sheets across his shoulders, and spoke softly.

through Occurrences 4%

The sum which I mention shall be paid to you in two months from the day on which you place the complete Translation and Analysis in my hands; this will allow a reasonable time for your previous correction of the sheets through the press.

about Occurrences 3%

His description of that camp was all-important, proving that my father's body had not been mutilated, but lay in his mountain hut three long months, sacred as when left by my little mother, who had watched over him to the pitiful end, had closed his eyes, folded his arms across his breast, and wrapped the burial sheet about his precious form.

down Occurrences 3%

" Mr. Allen read this letter over several times, and then, with a gesture of impatience, tore the sheets down the middle, and threw them into the fire, exclaiming, "Pshaw!

beneath Occurrences 3%

We have had to carry kit and heavy ammunition, to sleep with only a ground sheet beneath us, through the tropic rains, to do without the shelter and protection of mosquito nets.

under Occurrences 3%

It is a cause of many cases of obscure foot lameness in India, and frequently accounts for the numerous entries on veterinary medical history sheets under the heading "Contused Foot.

out Occurrences 2%

What would I not give for the rest of the month For the salary of John D!" "Would you just as soon run up to the attic and get the blanket sheets out of the trunk?" asked her mother when she had finished her dinner.

against Occurrences 2%

The sheets against her body had turned to ice.

between Occurrences 2%

" Westwards and northwards the round roof and walls of cloud were shaken and the black rain hung sheeted between sky and earth.

Which preposition to use with  sheet