Which preposition to use with shone

in Occurrences 847%

The roof had, evidently, gone entirely; and I could see the green effulgence of the Starlight shining in, slantingly.

with Occurrences 558%

Without warning, the flames of the two candles went low, and then shone with a ghastly green effulgence.

on Occurrences 432%

For a brief instant, I watched its fall, and saw the light shine on a tumult of white foam, some eighty or a hundred feet below me.

like Occurrences 330%

There was a good deal of brass about her; it shone like gold, and I don't believe she owned an inch of paint that wasn't either fresh or new-scrubbed.

through Occurrences 289%

It was as though fifteen tiny stars shone through the subterranean night.

from Occurrences 133%

As I stare, the dog moves again, restlessly, and I see a small patch of luminous light, shine from the interior of the kennel.

as Occurrences 101%

In fact, Kaviak did not shine as a student of civilisation, though that told less against him with O'Flynn, than the fact that he wasn't "jolly and jump about, like white children.

of Occurrences 64%

I drew nigher to our system, and now I could see the shine of Jupiter.

at Occurrences 64%

It creeps into my brainthe dog's wound, shines at night.

into Occurrences 63%

An alarm-clock on a small shelf edged in scalloped white oilcloth ticked with spick-and-span precision into a kitchen so correspondingly spick and span that even its silence smelled scoured, rows of tins shining into it.

for Occurrences 55%

Association with the Wickedest Man in New York, the Honorable JOHN ALLEN, protégé of the Reverend OLIVER DYER, has evidently demoralized the pure beings who control the immaculate sheet known as the Sun, whose putrescent light "shines for all.

out Occurrences 49%

But, yer sowl, the brave conqueror MURPHY Takes the shine out of all of their panes.

over Occurrences 38%

The moaning had stopped before we came up; a star or two shone over us in the sky, looking down as if surprised at our strange proceedings.

by Occurrences 27%

"What!" exclaimed the Lamp, "am I not shining by my own light?" "Certainly not: you are not now a Firefly or a Star.

under Occurrences 27%

I think I was desperate; I meant to jump off the train, only it was going fast and water shone under the bridge.

to Occurrences 26%

'Tis our rosy-cheeked, homestalled divines, whose faces shine to the tune of unto us a child was born,faces fragrant with the mince-pies of half a century, that alone can authenticate the cheerful mystery.

above Occurrences 23%

like a snowy dove trooping with crows (he said), so richly did her beauty and perfections shine above the ladies her companions.

before Occurrences 21%

At last a ruddy glow shone before them here and there through the trees; a little farther and they came to the open glade, now bathed in the pale moonlight.

among Occurrences 18%

The room was rather dark, but pink lamps shone among the leaves and the soft light touched the tables and clusters of artificial grapes.

around Occurrences 17%

Eyes do not as jewels go By the brightness and the show, But the meanings which surround them, And the sweetness shines around them.

against Occurrences 12%

Now the Monster was come fully into the shining of the fire-pit, and was upon this side; and the fire to make a shining against the side of the Slug, so that odd whiles I did perceive very plain the huge wrinklings and musclings of the skin, as the Beast made onward.

across Occurrences 11%

Among Barnaby True's earliest memories was a recollection of the good, kind gentleman sitting in old Captain Brand's double-nailed arm-chair, the sunlight shining across his knees, over which he had spread a great red silk handkerchief, while he sipped a dish of tea with a dash of rum in it.

without Occurrences 10%

Yet even that light shone without lustre for me then, for my heart was too full to think of anything but of him who had laid down his life for mine, and of the strong kind heart that was stilled for ever.

beyond Occurrences 8%

He'll shine beyond endurance upon the strength of this bear.

between Occurrences 8%

Some went off on honest business; some on such pleasure as can be found in baking streets, hotel bars, and billiard-rooms: but the one place on which our eyes were set was a little cove a quarter of a mile off, under the steep hill, where a white line of sand shone between blue water and green wood.

Which preposition to use with  shone