Which preposition to use with showes

in Occurrences 1749%

At first, I searched, cautiously; with the thought of Pepper's wound in my mind; but, as the hours passed, and not a sign of anything living, showed in the great, lonely gardens, I became less apprehensive.

of Occurrences 1027%

" Dr. Shuro, who had manifested his impatience at this long harangue, by frequent interruptions, and which Dridrano's show of deference could scarcely keep down, hastily replied: "You have manifestly taken the hint of your theory from me; and because I have advanced the doctrine that disease is an unit, you come forward now, and insist that remedy is an unit too.

to Occurrences 522%

We were then shown to a room, in which there were marks of the same fertile invention, in saving labour and promoting convenience; but we were too sleepy to take much notice of them.

on Occurrences 249%

In the photograph you will observe a finely carved side-board with some of these miniatures showing on either side.

at Occurrences 238%

Corresponding to the dark lines, showing at times in its trail, there were now distinctly to be seen on the half-visible sun itself, great, dark belts.

for Occurrences 192%

The mere fact that club owners and leagues were so willing to adopt a system better than its predecessor wholly confutes the absurd assertions of the radical element that there is no consideration shown for the player.

by Occurrences 167%

From Love our Fetters never sprung; That smiling God, all wanton, gay and young, Shows by his Wings he cannot be Confined to a restless Slavery; But here and there at random roves, Not fix'd to glittering Courts, or shady Groves. III.

into Occurrences 161%

We were shown into a pretty drawing-room, opening on a garden, where the princess was waiting, standing at one end of the room.

through Occurrences 102%

"Charleywewe'll show 'emyoume!" Looking out above her head at the vapory sky showing through the parting of the pink-brocade curtains, rigidity raced over Mr. Cox, stiffening his hold of her.

with Occurrences 99%

Their spirits are simply wonderful, and I do not think any division ever went into a big show with higher moral.

as Occurrences 96%

The island had dropped down to the horizon and showed as a brilliant glow under a dark canopy.

above Occurrences 65%

About an hour later, the moon's light showed above the distant horizon.

from Occurrences 64%

Thinking our work could be better shown from that point, we proceeded to it by a dark and winding staircase in the rear.

like Occurrences 45%

"Did anyone ever see a show like that before?

over Occurrences 35%

Is the being shown over a place the same as silently for ourselves detecting the genius of it?

against Occurrences 34%

" They talked, huddled arm in arm, until dawn flowed in at the window and dirty roofs began to show against a clean sky.

than Occurrences 31%

What stronger evidence of sympathy for the cause could he show than joining the army before finishing college?"

towards Occurrences 30%

His elevation to the House of Lords met with the almost unanimous approval of his fellow-peers, in marked contrast to the open hostility they had shown towards his old enemy, Lord George Germain, when that vile wrecker had been 'kicked upstairs' among them.

under Occurrences 29%

" "What makes me sore, Lew, is there ain't an act on this bill shows under seventy-five.

among Occurrences 24%

He has, moreover, a great value for what you call courage, a virtue rarely needed and still more rarely shown among us; and I fancy that your venture through space has impressed him with a very high estimate of your daring.

before Occurrences 20%

How well this plan worked out was shown before the beginning of the New Year, by which time we had secured a great depth of ground at a cost infinitely smaller than could have been expected if the Turks had remained on the defensive, while the Turkish losses, at a moment when they required to preserve every fighting man, were much greater than we could have hoped to inflict if they had not come into the open.

between Occurrences 19%

I'll face her right here and" "Now, look here, if you think I'm going to be let in for a holy show between you two girls, you got another think coming.

beneath Occurrences 18%

At the remote end of the aisle of blackness a slit of yellow showed beneath the door, behind it the babble of servants' voices.

during Occurrences 18%

If those men who have been so heartily loyal of laterespectable, business-like, manful persons, of a race in nowise given to sentimental excitementhad been asked the cause of the intense feeling which they have shown during the last few days, they would probably, most of them, find some difficulty in giving it.

about Occurrences 18%

Give me back my silver ore that shows about the mine for my little gal.

Which preposition to use with  showes