Which preposition to use with sinks

into Occurrences 1330%

I looked up, quickly, and as I did so I saw the lights sink into a dull, ruddy tint; so that the room glowed with a strange, heavy, crimson twilight that gave the shadows behind the chairs and tables a double depth of blackness; and wherever the light struck, it was as though luminous blood had been splashed over the room.

in Occurrences 736%

Firstif you were so sunk in ignorance as not to know the roadyou inquired of everybody for the chewing gum factory, to be known by its smell of peppermint.

to Occurrences 531%

Another vast space went by, and the whole enormous flame had sunk to a deep, copper color.

under Occurrences 229%

He had a gentleness of manners, that was peculiar to himself; and, instead of possessing such imperious severity of spirit as might produce the calamity I allude to, he was really endued with such native tenderness of heart as must have sunk under it, had he not found in the unexampled services that he rendered to the world, an antidote to the poison of domestic infelicity.

on Occurrences 185%

The poor woman sank on the nearest chair, as some one who has been nursing a patient that suddenly turns out to have small-pox or leprosy.

with Occurrences 131%

Mr. P. sank with him!

at Occurrences 124%

It was useless to shoot them in the water: they sank at once.

beneath Occurrences 119%

Yet to the World with so bewitching Arts, Your dazling Beauty you around display, And triumph in the Spoils of broken Hearts, That sink beneath your feet, and croud your Way.

within Occurrences 100%

" His eyes shone so wildly, his face was so swept with strong feeling, that my heart sank within me.

from Occurrences 80%

Tunbridge Wells has sunk from fashion.

of Occurrences 72%

The greater portion of this immense region, including Owen's Valley, Death Valley, and the Sink of the Mohave, the area of which is nearly one fifth that of the entire State, is usually regarded as a desert, not because of any lack in the soil, but for want of rain, and rivers available for irrigation.

behind Occurrences 70%

The star was sinking behind the enormous mass of the dead sun.

below Occurrences 66%

I took my usual bath, as the sun was sinking below the mountain; and, finding the Hermit still soundly sleeping, I threw myself on a seat, under the shelter of some bamboos, fell asleep, and did not awake until late the next morning.

like Occurrences 46%

He grasped the rope, and that instant his boat sank like a rock!

out Occurrences 42%

It was a little later, that my attention was drawn to the fact, that the great star of green flame, was slowly sinking out of the North, toward the East.

for Occurrences 35%

The two peoples were thus again brought to the brink of war, but eventually the difference was sunk for the time, and the Chinese chroniclers have represented that the satisfactory turn in the question was due to Meha seeing the error of his ways.

through Occurrences 32%

There were others which caused them to wish to sink through the hard floor of the stand in humiliation.

before Occurrences 29%

The Burmese were then on the eve of a rupture with the East India Company, a fact which we had not before known; and mistaking us for English, they supposed, or affected to suppose, that we belonged to a fleet which was about to invade them, and that our ship had been sunk before their eyes, by the tutelar divinity of the country.

without Occurrences 22%

As I had anticipated it was thick and heavy enough to sink without being weighted.

as Occurrences 16%

" To not one of the trio did it occur to let go of the life buoys and sink as a means of ending misery.

by Occurrences 14%

My luck was with me again, for the enemy was made useless and at once began sinking by the head.

between Occurrences 13%

Dr. Trendon went on deck, his head sunk between his shoulders.

among Occurrences 11%

and he sank among the restful pillows.

above Occurrences 8%

"Seems to me," said she, drawing out her foot, which had sunk above the ankle in coal,"seems to me I have as many feet as a caterpillar.

towards Occurrences 8%

But as the sun was sinking towards the western horizon, a cloud, 'as it were a man’s hand,' was seen to rise as if to meet the glowing orb; and, ere he sank, his rays were obscured by a heavy bank of clouds.

Which preposition to use with  sinks