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Which preposition to use with  sleeps

Which preposition to use with sleeps

As he put it, there was no joke in sleeping in a room with a numerous family of healthy Irish in one corner and the pigsty in the other, while overhead a ragged colony of roosting fowls distributed their blessings impartially, and the whole place so full of peat smoke that it made a fellow sneeze his head off just to put it inside the doorway.

And the Sea of Sleep on which they float!

I've hearn it said that when a man has eaten a hearty dinner, and goes to sleep with the hot sun pourin' right down on him, he's apt to see and hear a good many strange things before he wakes up.

W. dined out the first night we slept at the Quai d'Orsay, and about an hour after we had arrived, while I was still walking about in my hat and coat, feeling very strange in the big, high rooms, I was told that the lampiste was waiting my orders (a few lamps had been lit in some of the rooms).

I must have slept for nearly eleven hours.

It was a perfect gem, laying there all alone, so calm, so lovely in its solitude, with no sign of civilization around it, no sound of civilization startling its echoes from their sleep of ages, no human voice having perhaps ever been heard upon its shore since the red man departed from the hunting-ground of his fathers.

The wagon-masters and a majority of the men had gone to sleep under the mess wagons; the cattle were being guarded by three men, and the cook was preparing dinner.

We worked hard again; again the master returned at night to his vessel, this time without a word to any of us; again the men, drugged by toil, turned in early and slept like the dead.

One consequence of the length of the days and nights here is, that every household is commonly divided into two parts, which watch and sleep by turns: nor have they any uniformity in their meals, except in particular families, which are regulated by clocks and time-pieces.

We arrived at the home of the warrior, El Hashais: The night was dark, he fell upon us while we slept without anxiety, He took from us our delicate and honored young girls, beauties whose eyes were darkened with kohol.

But he did sleep through it all, and was wakened only by a punch in the ribs with the butt of my rifle, instigated by pity for the poor donkey that was being eaten up by the flies.

It was still crowded, people dancing hard, and when finally about two o'clock I retreated to my own quarters, I went to sleep to the sound of waltzes and dance music played by the two orchestras.

I don't like to be woke up, when rounding a pleasant dream, by their growling and screaming, spitting and whining, groaning and crying, and the hundred other nameless noises by which they frighten sleep from our pillows.

With lashes black, who was my heart's delight, Now sleeps beneath the sod.

The Brahmin then, after having looked through either telescope, but for a longer time through the one at the bottom, and having performed his customary devotions, soon fell into a slumber, but not into the same quiet sleep as before, for he was often interrupted by sudden starts, of so distressing a character, that I was almost tempted to wake him.

"I'm sure of that, Mr. Farwell," said the other, heartily, "and if I have any influence with the committeeand I think I haveyou needn't lose any sleep over any other figures we might get.

All little children are the better for rest and if possible for sleep during the day; but for those who live in overcrowded rooms, where quiet and restful sleep in good air is impossible, the need for daily sleep is very great.

She could not sleep, and Sir Andrew ordered them to give her breakfast at five, "for after tossing about all night she might sleep after having some food," and so it proved.

Jacob slept until nightfall, and when he awakened the first thought in his mind was to set off on his dangerous and useless venture; but Sergeant Corney advised that he wait until the night was well advanced, and to this I agreed, although chafing against the expenditure of time, because he would but have ensured his own capture had he ventured among the wretches while the entire encampment was astir.

Observing that the young man still slept beside the chair from which he fell, he had ultimately, and with the umbrella still under his arm raised the dishevelled nephew head-downward in his arms, and impatiently conveyed him from the heated room and house to the coolest retreat he could think of.

But surely the fire had been made up againandhe rubbed the sleep out of his incredulous eyesyes, Muckluck was standing there!

Before the master of the situation had slept off the effect of his hundred-mile ride and a heavy dinner, the next morning Steinmetz and Maggie were ready to start on their journey to England.

The conclusion of the stanza, worded with great beauty and delicacy, amounts substantially to saying'Take your last look of the dead Adonais while he may still seem to the eye to be rather sleeping than dead.'

Sometimes more are allowed to sleep within a room of this size; but it is a matter of necessity, or of lower sensibility, and is not healthy.

"You will not," he said, "return till late, and I wish you would induce Eveena to ensure, by composing herself to sleep before your return, that you shall not be asked to converse until the morning."

He, when he had made an end of his wicked supper, drained a draught of goat's milk down his prodigious throat, and lay down and slept among his goats.

When I came to go to beda real bed, Colonel, on legsI found I was expected to sleep between sheets, and I just about fainted."

That night he slept near their lair, but they left him and went hunting.

Perhaps the long walk and the excitement she had undergone accounted for the profound sleep into which she fell almost immediately, and from which she was aroused in the dead of night by a noise in the next room.

Once, when he had had two particularly close shaves during the day, he insisted upon sleeping outside the barn where we were billeted.

In the nearer distance the primeval Brahman settlement of Govardhan sleeps amid her mango-groves, and opposite to it the modern Christian village of Sharanpur marks the threshold of that tract of fair woodland and fairer garden which is Nasik's pride.

And there the body lay, age after age, Mute, breathing, beating, warm, and undecaying, Like one asleep in a green hermitage, With gentle sleep about its eyelids playing, And living in its dreams beyond the rage Of death or life; while they were still arraying

Before Miss Bessie put out the light, she told Miss Laura not to be alarmed if she heard any one walking about in the night, for the nurse was sleeping across the hall from them, and she would probably come in once or twice to see if they were sleeping comfortably.

He climbs down in haste and discovers his comrade soundly sleeping against the base of the tree.

All day long the men were ready at their guns, and during the night each gun crew slept around the weapon that it was their duty to serve, ready to repel any destroyers or submarines coming out of the surrounding darkness to attack them.

Now, Romans, we have brought Praeneste low, And Marius sleeps amidst the dead at last: So then to Rome, my countrymen, with joy, Where Sylla waits the tidings of our fight.

France has had four war ministers from Millerand to Painlevรฉ, inclusive, while Lord Kitchener, organizer of Great Britain's most marvelous war achievement, a volunteer army of some 4,000,000 men, sleeps below the waters of the North Sea.

Indeed, we had slept beyond the noon, but that the bo'sun, mindful of our needs, waked us, and we removed the chests.

Robert slept behind iron bars that night.

Did he who sleeps underneath seek for it vainly here?

He would not even let her sleep inside the house, but made her sleep in the stable and look after the cows.

Who not accustomed to such noises can sleep amongst them?

"Is it well guarded?" "Faulkner and one of the men sleep above it, and there are a couple of fierce dogs chained at the door.

Dey wa'n't 'lowed ter sing, ner dance, ner play de banjo w'en Mars Jeems wuz roun' de place; fer Mars Jeems say he would n' hab no sech gwines-on,said he bought his han's ter wuk, en not ter play, en w'en night come dey mus' sleep en res', so dey 'd be ready ter git up soon in de mawnin' en go ter dey wuk fresh en strong.

I'd sleep aboard meself."

"Don't you want to come?" She herself had scarcely slept throughout the brief night, and a great yearning for the sunshine and the sea was upon her.

I think I must have slept toward morning (I have observed throughout that the preliminaries of these occurrences have always been veiled in sleep), and when I woke suddenly it was to find myself, if I may so speak, the subject of a struggle.

She sobbed herself to sleep towards morning.

I need no other laudanum than this to make me sleep; after which I close mine eyes in security, content to take my leave of the sun, and sleep unto the resurrection.

That said, most kids curl up to sleep versus sprawling out so even if squished they can manage a nap in a playpen in a pinch.

During the nine days the corpse is laid out, the widow of the deceased is obliged to sleep along side it from sunset to sunrise, and from this custom there is no relaxation even during the hottest days of summer!

During the night the fire died down and a village dog which was on the prowl came and coiled itself up on the warm ashes and also went to sleep alongside Kora.

The big bears, at the top of the predator hierarchy, appropriate many wolf-dropped carcasses as their own, feeding on them and commonly sleeping atop them for days, rousing to eat until they are meat drunk and then sleeping again.