Which preposition to use with  slipped

Which preposition to use with slipped

That there had been a land-slip of some kind, I had little doubt; but the cause was beyond my knowledge; and yet, even then, I had half imaginings; for, already, the thought had come to me, of those falling rocks, and that Thing in the bottom of the Pit; but, in the first minutes of confusion, I failed to reach the natural conclusion, to which the catastrophe pointed.

In addition, I loaded, and slipped into my pocket, a small, but heavy, pistol.

At once the poor wretch began his fruitless task of hunting for the dice, which for ever slipped from his fingers.

The only indisputable fact I could adduce was that I had allowed my authority to slip through my fingers.

"It is stated that a well-known yacht failed to win the prize in the late race, because her rudder slipped out of her fastenings and was lost.

"But no one could slip on that ice; it is quite rough, might almost be a ploughed field,"but they were uncomfortable, and were very pleased when I landed safely on the other side and got into the carriage.

The children slipped in the mud.

I choose, rather, to slip to another angle of the question and say a few words about cowards, among whom I have already confessed that I number myself.

She slipped off her boots, and stole gently up to the door that divided her room from the pedlar's.

Hardly had they reached midstream when Bangura's rifle band, slipping over his arms, pinned them to his side.

Something slipped by the open doorsomething that glimmered faintly; and Lefty Joe knew that it was the red head of Donnegan.

I slipped down a rope, and dropped into the boat, taking my place with a steering oar at the stern, and we shot away through the green water.

At first I thought it merely a gorge in the rock, but even while peering for the end wall we slipped under the archway and found ourselves in a vast room.

Even if I slipped past the watchers in the woods and the glens, the land between would be strewn with fragments of the Cherokee host, and I had not the Indian craft.

I stumbled and slipped along the hill-side, my breath labouring, and a moaning at my lips from sheer agony and weakness.

To the eastward Sherman still clung desperately to the crests he had won, but Jack saw with agony that, slipping between him and the river, a great wedge of gray was hurrying forward.

Gloria drew back hastily, glancing about her, found the only hiding-place offered, and slipped behind the big rock.

But were any of these considerations sufficient to justify me in letting my whole manhood slip for the sake of one who, whatever the provocation, had used the strength of her hands against the sister who had been as a mother to her for so many years.

I gave them the slip at Watauga.

Gradually, I grew more collected, while the world slipped across the centuries into the future.

Often, when time did not press, he would lead me, clumsy as I was, so that I could almost touch the muzzle of a crouching deer, or lay a hand on a yellow panther, before it slipped like a live streak of light into the gloom.

He ran back on another tack and slipped about Lefty.

And, of course," concluded Libbie, "I put ten dollars in the bottle, because whoever found it had the slip with my name on it to show Mrs. Eustice."

"What's your name and company?" "John Sprague, Caribees, Company K." "Slip around the edge of the skirt of bushes.

They touched the horizon while he sat there; they slipped below the world's wide rim.

They came towards sundown, slipping among us like ghosts.

But even now a hand slipped within his arm and holding him thus, Sir Benedict viewed him joyful-eyed and smiled on him his wry and twisted smile.

A little later she stole away, leaving the children's nurse in charge, and slipped up to the schoolroom for some tea.

Then one of them slipped after him to the little hut, and heard him say, "Sister, dear, open the door," and saw that the door was opened and immediately shut behind him.

Cloth boots that will conveniently slip inside sabots for outdoor use are greatly in vogue, and the comfortable Capuchin cloakswhose peaked hood can be drawn over the head, thus obviating the use of umbrellasare favoured by both sexes and all ages.

At the very moment when the crowd was forcing its way into the house, Sikes made a running noose to slip beneath his arm-pits, and so lower himself to a ditch beneath.

I knew her, however, by this time too well to refuse the trust she now for the first time claimed, and taking the documents one by one as if I had perfectly understood them, I wrote my name in the space left blank for it, and allowed the official to stamp the slips without a word.

Events had slipped beyond my control.

When we were in the chapel, one Wednesday evening, ten persons came five minutes before the service was over, and one slipped round the door side and made a descent upon the holy water forty-five seconds before the business terminated.

To add zest to the chase, Clem now let Looney slip as a kind of bag-fox, and the half-witted creature went lumbering and blubbering about in real terror of his life, whilst his pursuers encouraged his speed with artifices in which the animated spinnies and coverts deferentially joined.

Then he led his horse up a little ravine and hitched it among the snowy holly and rhododendrons, and slipped toward the light.

He slipped onto a box on the opposite side of the table and leaned towards her, supporting his chin in his hands.

Barring an unexpected setback, we would be surprised if Tagovailoa slips outside the top five picks.

The hours slipped towards midnight.

From time to time he made an entry on a memorandum slip beside him, and, as the entries accumulated, his frown grew deeper and his aspect more puzzled and gloomy.

The legs and wings on either side having been taken off, the carver should draw his knife through the flesh in the direction of the line 4 to 5: by this means the knife can be slipped underneath the merrythought, which, being lifted up and pressed backward, will immediately come off.

That's the ways a young maid du go on, and zo the young man du slip thru' 'un's vingers."

Atter dat, Tenie sot a hawnet fer ter watch de tree; en w'en de nigger come back ag'in fer ter cut ernudder box on de yuther side'n de tree, de hawnet stung 'im so hard dat de ax slip en cut his foot nigh 'bout off.

Singapore's ruling People's Action Party (PAP) has extended its unbroken tenure, but its vote share slipped near a record low as opposition parties made historic inroads in the ballot held on Friday under the cloud of the coronavirus pandemic.

With another laugh, she slipped awayher brown dress, that, in the shifty lights under the thick foliage, so harmonized with the colors of bush and vine and tree and rock, being so quickly lost to the artist's eye that she seemed almost to vanish into the scene before him.

I slipped nearer the door, imagining that in their riveted interest I saw my opportunity.

The trigger guard slipped against Thrackles's lacerated hand almost at the instant of discharge.

No Sir no, by a rule that will not slip so I warrant you, which for her honours sake I will let slip unto you.

I was just saying, Sandeman,"this to the Adjutant, who re├źntered the room at that moment,"that it would be a sound" The Adjutant laid a pink field-telegraph slip before his superior.

'Trip round an' slip th' noose over 'is horns.'