Which preposition to use with smoking

of Occurrences 488%

I felt the thronging ghosts of all the old world's superstition swirling madly behind us in the eddies that twisted the smoke of our fire.

in Occurrences 274%

We got dinner, and, after that, just sat and smoked in silence.

from Occurrences 238%

Now and again there was a spurtle of smoke from the cone, followed by subterranean growlings, but, on the whole, the conditions were reassuring.

with Occurrences 77%

"And," quoth frowning Walkyn, "I would that Pertolepe's rank carcass smoked with thee!" "Content you, my gentle Walkyn," nodded the archer, "hell-fire shall have him yet, and groweth ever hotter against the daycontent you.

on Occurrences 65%

But at nine o'clock there was no smoke on the horizon.

at Occurrences 49%

The smoke at last obliged the people to give themselves up.

for Occurrences 42%

When the sun got hot he stopped for breakfast and afterwards he and Brown smoked for a few minutes under the awning.

into Occurrences 31%

The natives were blowing smoke into his nose.

to Occurrences 25%

He has his fill of the finest corn; he has his fill of fresh air and natural exercise, and at last he comes smoking to the table,a dish for the gods.

like Occurrences 22%

At last Robin gave the stranger a blow upon the ribs that made his jacket smoke like a damp straw thatch in the sun.

by Occurrences 18%

But the Colonel, after any such interchange, would go off and smoke by himself, not even caring for Buckeyes'.

through Occurrences 18%

He could close his eyes and hear the fire snap and see the stove steam with smoke through every fissure before the draft caught in the chimney.

of Occurrences 17%

The smoking of pipes was common, and thoughtless profanity was to be heard on all sides as an ordinary part of speech.

over Occurrences 16%

Have them smoked over a wood fire, and be particular that the hams are hung as high up as possible from the fire; otherwise the fat will melt, and they will become dry and hard.

as Occurrences 15%

Rosa broke from the thick cloud of smoke as a fifth report rang out, and a scream of death went up between the bed and the door where Jack stood.

out Occurrences 14%

I then made him place his bow and quiver of arrows beside my gun, and striking a light gave him a smoke out of my own pipe and a present of a few beads.

in Occurrences 12%

I have a second sight, Henry, and it shows me you dead on the floor there, looking bigger than ever, and I see the gun smoking in my hand and my heart as dead as ashes!

toward Occurrences 11%

He blew a guileless cloud of smoke toward the dingy ceiling.

without Occurrences 11%

But I thank Mr. John Effingham from my inmost spirit, and shall seldom smoke without thinking of him.

along Occurrences 10%

At first we thought the columns of smoke along the mountain-sides beside the Pangani were signal fires for the enemy; but before long, when the roads were choked with victims of "fly" and horse-sickness, we realised the wisdom that induced the simple native to take his sheep and cattle up the hillsides and above the danger zone.

across Occurrences 9%

" She glanced at the big steamer puffing towards them obtrusively and sending a trail of smoke across the green and violet of the hills.

before Occurrences 9%

But Charley, being an inveterate smoker, could not resist the temptation of indulging in a smoke before going to sleep.

around Occurrences 8%

"But I set out to tell the story that the old Ohio pilot told that night, while the travellers sat smoking around their camp-fires, and the wolves were howling in the wilderness about us.

behind Occurrences 7%

When we had gone a mile we looked back and there was much thick smoke behind usour houses were burning, I suppose.

after Occurrences 7%

The Balkan plains are still steaming with the blood of thousands of murdered; the ruins of desolate towns and devastated villages are still smoking after the Balkan War; hungry, workless men, widowed women and orphan children are still wandering through the land, and yet again Austria's Imperialism unchains the War Fury to bring death and destruction over all Europe.

Which preposition to use with  smoking
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