Which preposition to use with society

of Occurrences 2656%

Books and pamphlets accumulated rapidly with us, W. was a member of many literary societies of all kinds all over the world, and packages and boxes of unopened books quite choked up the room.

in Occurrences 705%

The question is: How is my parish society in enmity to the highest spiritual ideal I know?

for Occurrences 432%

So far as lies in my power, I will make an adequate return to society for this personal benefit.

at Occurrences 166%

Mr. P. merely wished to remark that the society at that watering place is very aristocratic.

as Occurrences 119%

Uncle Hobson don't live in such good society as Uncle Newcome.

with Occurrences 95%

" "It is already known there," replied he, "and has been long practised by many in the east: but in the present state of society with you, it might do more harm than good to be made public, by removing one of the checks of licentiousness, where women are so unrestrained as they are with you.

on Occurrences 78%

Rather, his fate is like that of Zeus, whoif legend is to be trustedwas in his life a person of some importance whose nod stirred society on Olympus, but who is now remembered largely for his flirtations and his braggart conduct.

to Occurrences 74%

Sally, my dear, you are a small hypocrite,or elseBut I think we won't establish a mutual- admiration society to-night, as there are only two of us; besides, I am hungry: let us have tea.

by Occurrences 68%

" "He's only a" "He's rewarding the way you scrimped to pay his expenses for nonsense clubs and societies by asking you to do it another four years.

from Occurrences 55%

Take away society from any man or woman, and you take away the possibility of a growing, happy, and helpful life.

than Occurrences 51%

Edith was devoting herself to the children, Bruce had less of her society than usual.

under Occurrences 35%

It is true enough that there existed in Germany a real democratic society under the control of the civil government, but there was the military caste too, with privileges in social life and a special position in the life of the State.

among Occurrences 33%

" "And yet," said Spalding, "if you will look into the philosophy of the matter, you will see that this diversity of tastes, as you call it, is not so great after all; that is, that the origin of the impulse which sends some men away from society among the solitudes of the wilderness, and of that which holds others in constant communion with the busy scenes of life, is very nearly the same.

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This is one of the points to which Professor Dewey called attention in his summing up of Froebel's educational principles, this letting the child reproduce on his own plane the typical doings and occupations of the larger, maturer society into which he is finally to go forth.

without Occurrences 25%

Thus each child learns to subordinate himself to the claims and needs of society without losing himself.

during Occurrences 23%

Other causes assisted the process, the most potent perhaps being the chaotic condition of European society during the break-up of the Carolingian Empire and the Scandinavian and Hungarian invasions.

around Occurrences 13%

Was it the deep virtue, the high ideals in our souls, or was it the compulsion of the Society around us?

against Occurrences 12%

This is in substance the theory followed by the classic criminologists who revised the penal code, which public opinion considers incapable of protecting society against the dangers of crime.

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Looked at even from a human standpoint, the consensus of a world-wide, ancient, organized society like the Roman Church cannot but exert a powerful pressure on the minds of its individual members.

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It is from the contemplation of these exertions that we learn what sort of creature man is; that we discover the extent of his powers, and the tendency of his desires: and that we become acquainted with the force of culture and civilization upon him, by comparing the degrees of improvement he has attained in the various stages of society through which he has passed.

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This, however, was not the case; and, brought face to face with the mission preacher, he told his story simply and effectively, and Mr. Roby promised to write to the Missionary Society about him.

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She must have time to enter somewhat into the activities of her own neighborhood, and must have society after marriage, as well as before.

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and how many, and what is the aggregate their members? 3. Have you affiliation, intercourse or connection with any similar societies out of the United States, and in what countries?

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But as the outcome of the long and uninterrupted turmoil of the Middle Ages, society throughout the continent of Europe remained predominantly military in type, and this fact greatly increased the tendency towards despotism which was bequeathed by Rome.

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But it is one of the chief praises of Tennyson that he has treated Sir Thomas Malory very much in the same way as Mr. Atkinson has treated Abul Kasim Mansur, by bringing the essential features of an extinct society within the range of modern vision, and into touch with modern sympathies.

Which preposition to use with  society