Which preposition to use with  song

Which preposition to use with song

Their national melodies, volklieder (songs of the people), have always a strain of sadness running through them.

One would play and one would sing (rather like the song in the children's book, "one could dance and one could sing, and one could play the violin"), and the third, the polyglot of the family, could speak several languages.

Hatzfeldt led the conversation to some evenings when Strauss played his waltzes with an entrain, a sentiment that no one else has ever attained, and to Offenbach and his melodiesone evening particularly when he had improvised a song for the Empresshe couldn't quite remember it.

The thousand falls, however, and the cascades in the caƱons are then in full bloom, and sing songs from one end of the range to the other.

And she was cheerful, too, in the worst days, and would go about the place with a bright eye and an old song on her lips.

Then come with me in my light Fourth Avenue car, while the stars are bright and the sky is blue, (this is an adaptation of a once popular love-song by Dr. WATTS,) and we will go to Steinway Hall to hear the Improved Swedish Nightingale, and feast our eyes on STRAKOSCH'S

Grey sang an English song about the north-country maid who came to London, and a bit of the chanty of the Devon men who sacked Santa Fe and stole the Almirante's daughter.

There was singing, likewiseSir William Davenant's song to his mistress, and a Cavalier rant or two, and a throat ditty of the seas; and Elspeth sang very sweetly the old air of "Greensleeves."

Gull tuned up, struck a few chords, and then launched out into a rattling nigger song with an amount of "go" and clatter sufficient to inspire the hearer with an almost irresistible desire to get up and dance.

He is the mocking-bird of squirrels, pouring forth mixed chatter and song like a perennial fountain; barking like a dog, screaming like a hawk, chirping like a blackbird or a sparrow; while in bluff, audacious noisiness he is a very jay.

He would shout opprobrious words after the other in the streets, to the entertainment of all who heard him; he would parade up and down before Colonel Belford's house singing obstreperous and unseemly songs at the top of his voice; he would even rattle the ferrule of his cane against the palings of the fence, or throw a stone at Madam Belford's cat in the wantonness of his malice.

Bredwel then in his satanic masquerade meets Gayman, and bringing him a roundabout way, introduces him into Sir Cautious' house, where, after having been entertained with a masque of dances and songs as by spirits, he is conducted to Lady Fulbank's chamber by her maid disguised as an ancient crone, and admitted to his mistress' embraces.

He held the book before his sister and pointed with his finger to the title: "Songs Without Words".

He sang song after song, all of them highly classical, in his most approved style, but his audience being limited and critical, his prospects looked gloomy.

The Second Song before the Entry.

It cannot be said that Gloucestershire folk are endowed with a large amount of musical talent; neither their "ears" nor their vocal chords are ever anything great, but what they lack in quality they make up in quantity, and I have listened to as many as forty songs during one eveningsome of them most entertaining, others extremely dull.

The storm was reflected in every gesture, and not one cheerful note, not to say song, came from a single bill; their cowering, joyless endurance offering a striking contrast to the spontaneous, irrepressible gladness of the Ouzel, who could no more help exhaling sweet song than a rose sweet fragrance.

Ye forests, bend, ye harvests, wave to Him; Breathe your still song into the reaper's heart, As home he goes beneath the joyous moon.

No longer did the Christians live in catacombs and hiding-places; no longer did they sing their mournful songs over the bleeding and burning bodies of the saints, but arose in the majesty of a new and irresistible power,temporal as well as spiritual,breathing vengeance on ancient foes, grasping great dignities, seizing the revenues of princes, and proclaiming the sovereignty of their invisible King.

Thou silver moon, 'ye host of stars, The universal song Through the serene and silent night To listening worlds prolong.

Walking by the side of my Aunt's chair, and giving orders to the tradespeople in the morning; walking beside the same chair and blowing up the tradespeople for not having carried out the orders, in the afternoon; sitting in a hot room from five to nine o'clock, then lying awake till midnight, listening to the drawing-room young lady singing Italian and German songs out of tune, and with an English accent.

The gray sky heated and glowed into inner deeps of rose; the fresh morning air sprang from its warm nest somewhere, and came to meet them, like some one singing a heartsome song under his breath.

You told me that you found a song among your mother's music which always comforted you when you seemed to lose courage and confidence in God.

For our delectation Brault sang ten of his songs between toasts.

There had been a terrible fire in Paris in the Palace of Justice, and the same day I was to have gone to the opera, so I did not go, but sent two hundred louis to relieve the most pressing cases of distress; and ever since the fire, the very same people who had been circulating libels and songs against me have been extolling me to the skies.

And I gotta be truthful with you, every time I hear those songs off the radio or off the album itself, or even when we play them live.

Young sir, by these same signs and portents my soul is uplifted and hope singeth a new song within me!"

"Ah, Ned," he said in his English with the strong accent, "that was sweet, but if I mistake me not, thy voice sounded even sweeter to my ears as thou sangst thy songs around the campfires at night after our long marches and counter-marches when we hung upon Cornwallis's flank or raced toward Petersburg to beat Phillips! '

So in case it happens that you have just had an ice cream cone, or something good like that, and are not hungry, you must not sing this song until just before dinner or breakfast or supper.

They were on their way to the trenches, so many of those laddies who stopped for a song along the road.

Then Judith sang this song unto God saying: Begin ye in timbrels, sing ye to the Lord in cymbals, mannerly sing to him a new psalm.

O, happy soul, thy mouth at last is singing, Drunken with wine of morning's azure deep, Sing on, my soul, the world beneath thee swinging, A bough of song above a sea of sleep.

"Sweet my lord, it liketh me beyond telling, thy roan is a peerless beast!" sighed Sir Jocelyn, and so fell once more to humming his song beneath his breath.

Both of them created the song alongside Mike Denneen.

My Saviour, all my life Thy praise I'll sing, Nor cease my song throughout eternity."

The singer had previously rejected the offer to sing the song due to the short time she had due to the schedule with Girls' Generation.

A lark, rising from the field before me, and leaving as it were a stream of song behind him as he rose, lifted my fancy with him.

Myra has also independently released songs via-MySpace which can be found on YouTube and her Official Facebook account in video format.

The young men laughed and sang as only German students can sing, making the night musical with blithe drinking songs, tender love-lays, battle-hymns, and Volkslieder sweeter than any songs across the water.

In the thorn bushes of higher altitudes are grey finches that might have learnt their songs beside canary cages.

Sometimes, as we glide, always noiselessly, beneath the overhanging foliage and tangled vines along shore, what myriads of gayly winged insectsbrilliant dragon-flies, mammoth gnats, preposterous mosquitoesswarm about our heads, disturbed from their gambols by the laughter and songs aboard our moving craft!

It had been a close and sultry dayone of the hottest of the dog-dayseven out in the open country, where the dusky green leaves had never stirred upon their stems since the sunrise, and where the birds had found themselves too languid for any songs beyond a faint chirp now and then.

When they let President Davis alone, and when Curt comes home, I've got some ve'y pretty songs fo' him to learn to appreciate.'

Dave could see him gwine up ter Aun' Mahaly's cabin, en settin' out on de bench in de moonlight wid Dilsey, en singin' sinful songs en playin'

This would be used in books for young children, or for students starting to learn Japanese, or when writing the lyrics for songs underneath the music where it is important to show how the words fit the music.

There's nae sic a thing as writing a song easilynot a song folk will like.

And she was heartsome as the lark's song up the blue lift, and of late was never to be found in those two hours when my mother kept her room at mid-day, and was over-fond of long afternoon strolls down the river-bank or away in the woods by herself.

" See, in Leigh Hunt's Feast of the Poets, the following couplet, and a note upon it: "But ever since Pope spoil'd the ears of the town With his cuckoo-song verses half up and half down.

He has left us the bases of his science, but who shall so beautifully tread the wayreigning by song amidst a thousand accents of devoted enthusiasm!

Sometimes, indeed, as we know, even these firemen of the emotions dare the burning house once too often, and we hear their death-song amid the flames.