Which preposition to use with specifications

of Occurrences 37%

" "But where was Captain Monk all the while?" "Right here," Monk answered for himself; "sitting tight and saying nothing, and duly grateful that the blue prints and specifications of the Great Architect didn't design me for second-storey work.

for Occurrences 15%

That's his specification for it.

to Occurrences 3%

In some it is given without further specification to every male inhabitant of voting age.

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We can but indicate, in a very brief way, some of the more salient divergences between them, and we must preface the specification by acknowledging again the high integrity of both.

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Which of the several statues blocked out for the monument were to be chosen is not stated; and as there are no specifications in the document, we cannot identify them with exactness.

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CHAPTER XIX Specifications of Grievances of the Filipinos.

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He examined it with seeming indifference, yet he announced its particulars and specifications with business-like accuracy.

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The Spaniards wanted a long array of specifications as to what the Americans might and should not do, but finally were struck with the sufficiency of the shining simple words, "under the special safeguard of the faith and honor of the American Army.

Which preposition to use with  specifications