Which preposition to use with spittle

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One of the names of the Campion is plum-pudding, and "spittle of the stars" has been applied to the Nostoc commune.

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It was one general opinion among them, that the eclipses of the moon were the consequence of certain magic words by which sorcerers could wrench her from the skies, and drag her near enough the earth to cast a frothy spittle on their herbsone of the principal ingredients in their incantations.

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And since he was the only little fellow around, he was the obvious choice to provide the spittle for the concoctionwhich he did with great delight.

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Top that off with a bowl of Jell-O and spittle from a little fellow.

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When this people eate and chawe this in their mouthes, it maketh their spittle to bee red like vnto blood, and they say, that it maketh a man to haue a very good stomacke and a sweete breath, but sure in my iudgement they eate it rather to fulfill their filthie lustes, and of a knauerie, for this Herbe is moyst and hote, and maketh a very strong expulsion.

Which preposition to use with  spittle