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Which preposition to use with  springes

Which preposition to use with springes

These are, indeed, the main springs of that sympathy, without which there is no love among men.

Slowly, the monster became plainer to me; and then, suddenly, my gaze sprang from it to something further off and higher among the crags.

With a sudden effort, I sprang to one side, and, swinging my gun by the barrel, brought it crashing down upon the foul creature's head.

The ordinary characteristics of their composition sprung into sharper relief.

The late Empress of Austria, who was a fine rider, spent some time one spring in Paris, and rode every morning in the Bois.

Expert thieves have been known to open handcuffs without a key, by means of knocking the part containing the spring on a stone or hard substance.

Looking southward along the axis of the range, the eye is first caught by a row of exceedingly sharp and slender spires, which rise openly to a height of about a thousand feet, above a series of short, residual glaciers that lean back against their bases; their fantastic sculpture and the unrelieved sharpness with which they spring out of the ice rendering them peculiarly wild and striking.

Perdosa sprang at him with a screech.

"For God's sake" Thrackles leaped upon me and struck me heavily upon the mouth, then sprang for a rifle.

So the city moved on, as yet blissfully unconscious of the sensation which would be sprung with the first afternoon editions, and over which reporters and artists and photographers were even now, no doubt, labouring.

I expected to see every man spring toward the walls in order to learn for himself what had caused the alarm, and at any other time they would have done so; but so great was the sense of impending danger that instinctively the garrison formed in line ready for orders.

When I rushed for the door in a sudden panic, for, knowing that I had hurt him, I believed the man in his rage might be capable of anything, and when in springing after me he stumbled and fell, the chisel must have been held by him edge upwards, and so pierced him to his death."

But she stopped far short of me, and I heard her groping about, then give a sudden spring towards the front door.

"She had by this time approached a small gate, which communicated with the apartments on the ground-floor of the Zenana; when, turning to me, she said, "You can return the way you came, but I must leave you here;" and, making a slight bow, she sprung like a young fawn through the gate, and was out of sight in a moment.

Then Beltane came, minded to aid him with the woman, but the hairy man sprang before her, swinging his great staff and muttering in his beard; therefore Beltane, sick at heart, turned him away.

Ah, deck not out thine own heart's evil springs By making spirits of heaven as brutish things And cruel.

They sprang as with a single impulse.

Johnnie instantly loosed the arm she held, sprang through the doorway, and headlong down the bluffy steep, stones rattling about her.

The net results were that we found a nesting place of sea birdstoo late in the season for eggs; a hot spring near enough camp to be useful; and that was about all.

After carrying all before it for a quarter of a mile, it made a clear spring over a cliff 200 feet in depth, and plunged into the waters below with a sound like thunder, inducing a belief at the camp that a large portion of cliff had fallen.

Whar's the camp, Jerry?" "At the spring under the twin hemlocks.

At this, Pepper gave a short, sharp bark, and, springing across the little river, disappeared into the bushes.

Before I could speak, however, the mother and her daughters sprang between the men and me.

There twines a joy with every care That springs within this sacred ground;

In stony places where no grass grows, wild olives sprawl; close-twigged, blue-gray patches in winter, more translucent greenish gold in spring than any aureole.

At length a squabble springs up between the President and the author of the Nebraska Bill, on the mere question of fact, whether the Lecompton Constitution was or was not in any just sense made by the people of Kansas; and in that quarrel the latter declares that all he wants is a fair vote for the people, and that he cares not whether slavery be voted down or voted up.

Up and down the river went they, In and out among its islands, Cleared its bed of root and sand-bar, Dragged the dead trees from its channel, Made its passage safe and certain Made a pathway for the people, From its springs among the mountains, To the water of Pauwating, To the bay of Taquamenaw.

The image of a forest on fire is more fully expressed in a passage from the Lines written among the Euganean Hills, composed by him in 1818: 'Now new fires from antique light Spring beneath the wide world's might, But their spark lies dead in thee

She started to run back, but in a moment Piers sprang past her, crying, "All right.

We halted at Ghafsa, which is almost a mass of rubbish filled with dirty people, although there are plenty of springs about, principally hot and mineral waters.

But it lost momentum and then ground to a halt in the spring due to an outbreak of tensions between the United States (US) and Iran on Iraqi soil and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here and there the vivid green of Winter wheat struck a note of Spring amid all the mauves and ochres of dying things.

They went down to the yellow springs without reaching the bottom of the steps, and from this the king received an increase to his reverence and faith, and built a vihรขra over the steps, with a standing image, sixteen cubits in height, right over the middle flight.

He got it from a spring below where the Merchants hotel now stands.

"Once, you know, there was a fight between a little pony and a lion, and the lion sprang against the pony and the pony put his back against a stack and bited towards the lion, and the lion rolled over and the pony jumped up, and he ran up ... and the pony turned round and the lion ..."

The centring raysthe fuel glowing gild With a round spot of fire and quickly, spring Above the altar curling, while they sing!

And the next morning before daylight the boats were despatched; but owing to the darkness of the morning and the ebb-tide having left the shores dry and almost inaccessible, from the quantity of mud that lined them, they did not reach the spring until late in the day.

There are plenty of springs along the cliffs, and as they face the south, the winter range is good.

Nestled between the hills are a number of mountain lakes, fed by innumerable springs around their edges.

Of course, if I get married and don't like it divorces are easy enough to get, and then being a widow saves a girl a whole lot of embarrassment, for she don't have to pretend to not understand some of the innuendoes that are now and then sprung during the modern conversations.

Hans sprang onto one of the motorcycles just as he had observed the others do.

The rider sprang behind David and struck at him with a club.

And thou refulgent orb of day, In brighter flames arrayed; My soul that springs beyond thy sphere, No more demands thine aid.

2.MAGNETO-ELECTRIC CROSSING SIGNAL] The slight rotary motion which is in this way communicated to the rock shaft, when a train is approaching in the right direction, compresses a spring inside the case.

Has Hope ne'er sprung beside thy way, And blossom'd only to decay?

Sylvia's like autumn ripe, yet mild as May, More bright than noon, yet fresh as early day; Ev'n spring displeases when she shines not here: But blest with her, 'tis spring throughout the year.

Yet he gat me not; for I sprang unto my right, and made a blow with the Diskos, even as I did leap.

We usually look for interested families in the spring via newsletter or face to face.

Before the entrance was a level space, which made a little spring garden, more formal and less varied in its arrangement than the terrace gardens on the south front; but no less gay and bright, with beds of hyacinths, red and white and purple, and daffodils springing amidst their bodyguards of pale, pointed spears.

"Has anybody a toy cannon and a little flag?" Wye descended with a hop, sprang astride a chair, and clattered around the room, imitating his drill-master.

Not to-day, though, not to-day; suddenly he rushes forward and springs down the green vista, for Venetia is on the terrace, and alone!

H. P. was read by Philip Bliss into Henry Parrot, who published a collection of epigrams in 1613, as "Laquei Ridiculosi, or Springes for Woodcocks."

If any of my bird-like thoughts from joy's branch flew, Back from the springes of thy lock their fleeting wings I drew.