Which preposition to use with squires

of Occurrences 119%

We then have Shadwell's famous comedy, The Squire of Alsatia (1688), with its well-known vocabulary of Alsatian jargon and slang, its scenes in Whitefriars, the locus classicus, a veritable mine of information.

in Occurrences 36%

Thus the Norman barons in England, the English squires in Ireland, the Magyars in Hungary, the German barons in East Prussia and the Baltic provinces, and so forth.

to Occurrences 19%

"Ha!" cried Roger, stooping, "thou'rt of Brandonmere?" "Ayegive me waterI was squire to Sir GillesGod's lovegive me water!"

for Occurrences 12%

Anticipating, what did actually happen to himas afterwards it did to his scarce inferior follower, the Author of "Guzman de Alfarache"that some less knowing hand would prevent him by a spurious Second Part: and judging, that it would be easier for his competitor to out-bid him in the comicalities, than in the romance, of his work, he abandoned his Knight, and has fairly set up the Squire for his Hero.

on Occurrences 9%

When the adventure was over, Don Quixote questioned his squire on this name, and Sancho replied, "I have been staring upon you this pretty while by the light of that unlucky priest's torch, and may I never stir if ever I set eyes on a more dismal countenance in my born days.

at Occurrences 8%

here's a youth stark naught at a trench, but an old dog at a trencher, a tall squire at a square table.

With Occurrences 7%

Therefore disperse your selves, and let our Squires With Trumpets in their mouthes sound lowd retreat Where you perceive the fight most violent.

from Occurrences 5%

She owned a small book which had once belonged to a namesake of hersa Dorothea Westcote who had lived at the close of the seventeenth and opening of the eighteenth centuries, a grand- daughter of the first Westcote of Bayfield, married (so said the family history) in 1704 to a squire from across the Devonshire border.

by Occurrences 4%

It was while this was in progress that a thick-set, somewhat bulletheaded man came up and addressed the squire by name.

of Occurrences 4%

[This old man had been huntsman to the Squires of Alfoxden, which, at the time we occupied it, belonged to a minor.

as Occurrences 3%

All seemed to look on the Squire as a father, and each face brightened when he spoke to them by name.

about Occurrences 2%

One morning perhaps he would come in to talk with the squire about the ash wood they were going to cut in the ensuing winter, or about the oak bark which had not been paid for.

like Occurrences 2%

"And is the present squire like his father?" "No, sir, not a bit," replied the landlord, with a thoughtful and somewhat puzzled frown.

out Occurrences 2%

I've fixed his flint, anyhow.' 'Ah! Smith!' shouted the squire out of his study window, with a cheerful and appropriate oath.

than Occurrences 2%

He made known his attachment towards Maria to his father; and galled pride and hatred to those who had injured him being stronger in the breast of the old squire than the small still voice of affection, he spurned his son from him, and ordered him to leave his house for ever.

in Occurrences 2%

it was not, like other Ladies, to hear those poor Animals bray, nor to see Fellows run naked, or to hear Country Squires in bob Wigs and white Girdles make love at the side of a Coach, and cry, Madam, this is dainty Weather.

under Occurrences 1%

"The villain durst not!" "He's got the squire under his thumb, I tell you," replied Ragged Nance.

until Occurrences 1%

By force of all these reassuring circumstances he succeeded in allaying the fears of the assembled crowd and in partially reconciling them to the presence of the Squire until the return of the courier from Dresden.

behind Occurrences 1%

One day he went, with a single squire behind him, to the Duke of Burgundy's house; and, "My lord," said he, "many knights and squires are persecuting me to get the money which is owing to them.

without Occurrences 1%

When one of them owns a whole village, church and all, he is generally called "the Squire," but most of them are squired without the definite article.

with Occurrences 1%

Sir, only think of the small Squires with the red faces, sir, and the grand white waistcoats down to their hipsand the dames, sir, with their wigs, and their simpers, and their visible pocketsand the damsels, blushing things in white muslin, with sky-blue sashes and ribbons, and mufflers and thingsand the sons, sir, the promising young gentlemen, sirand the doctor, and the lawyerand the parson.

before Occurrences 1%

At the front door Mr. Holt was standing, having come over the ferry to greet the young squire before his departure.

on Occurrences 1%

There's men from Bar Harbour and men from the Tickle, In all kinds of motorboats, green, grey and brown; There's a red headed Tory out here in a dory Running down Squires on the squid-jiggin' ground.

into Occurrences 1%

After more talk of this kind the Abbé at last consented, and took the two squires into his own room, where he opened a little cupboard, and from a purse which was inside he took out a hundred crowns and gave them to Bellabre, saying: "I give you this to buy two horses for this brave man-at-arms, for he has not enough beard to handle money himself.

Which preposition to use with  squires