Which preposition to use with stored

of Occurrences 1161%

The body is born of ages past, of the material stores of centuries; but the soul, in its living, thinking, working power, is a new phase of energy added to the energy of the race.

for Occurrences 537%

That the parental portion of the public may judge what the future has in store for their little ones (who, we hope, will be men and women far sooner than their ancestors were,) we present them with a fragrant nosegay (pshaw!

in Occurrences 365%

A black squirrel came hopping along with his mouth full of beech nuts, and running nimbly up the tree on which I was perched, and out upon one of the great limbs, deposited his store in a hollow he found there.

with Occurrences 166%

After a grove has been destroyed, the ground is at once sown lavishly with all the seeds ripened during its whole life, which seem to have been carefully held in store with reference to such a calamity.

at Occurrences 87%

The princely merchant, in his counting-room, involuntarily experiences the softening, humanizing influence of the hour, and, in tones tremulous with unwonted emotion, privately directs his Chief-Clerk to tell all the other clerks, that, on this night of all the round year, they may, before leaving the store at 10 o'clock, take almost any article from that slightly damaged auction-stock down in the front cellar, at actual cost-price.

by Occurrences 71%

Now I set little store by your pirate heroes.

on Occurrences 70%

Thence in an Indian's canoe it would be carried to Aird's store on the Mattaponey, from which a woodman would take it across the swamps to a clump of hemlocks.

to Occurrences 42%

" Standin as I do on nootral ground, I wish like JOHN BULL I could make my nootrality pay as well as J. B. does, by sellin stores to the Prooshians and the French.

from Occurrences 31%

They were saved a good deal of exhausting labour in manhandling stores from the point where camels had to stop, and they could therefore concentrate their attention on the Turk.

as Occurrences 19%

Imitation, then, to him, meant a conscious selection and plastic mastery of the sense impressions stored as images by the image-forming faculty of the author, whose writings are addressed to the imagination of the reader or auditor.

during Occurrences 10%

The enemy losses in casualties, prisoners, and stores during February were certainly considerable; not to speak of the major loss of all, that of the strongly fortified line on which two years of the most arduous and ingenious labour that even Germany can give had been lavished.

under Occurrences 9%

Why, this one would take enough alfalfa at the present price a ton to bury your store under a haycock as high as the Roman Pantheon!" The Doge rose and picked up his broad-brimmed hat, prepared to fly from danger.

across Occurrences 7%

44 An ancient drunkard in the second story of one of the stores across the street had roused himself at the sound of the shots and now he dragged himself to the window and began to scream: "Murder!

within Occurrences 7%

He looked over the valley, and summed up the present and future in two words"Snowed in!" A careful inventory of the provisions, which, fortunately for the party, had been stored within the hut, and so escaped the felonious fingers of Uncle Billy, disclosed the fact that with care and prudence they might last ten days longer.

before Occurrences 6%

My plan was to clear out my store before the return of the ships, and to have thereby a large quantity of tobacco mortgaged to me.

near Occurrences 5%

There was a coffin-store near by, and I remember the peculiar interest with which I studied the quilting of the satin lining, and the peculiar crawling sensation which crept to my fingers' ends.

into Occurrences 5%

If ever an officer deserved to be shot it was Major Stopford, who tamely surrendered his well-armed and well-provided fort to an insignificant force, after a flimsy resistance of only thirty-six hours, without even taking the trouble to throw his stores into the river that flowed beside his strong stone walls.

up Occurrences 4%

Your mother sold notions and axle-grease in an up-State general store up to the day she married.

against Occurrences 4%

"Later on I'll hire some one to have it hauled out and stored against my coming backafter we've been a while in Berlin and got Heine to behaving himself.

than Occurrences 4%

"Once more the liberal year laughs out O'er richer stores than gems or gold; Once more, with harvest-song and shout Is Nature's bloodless triumph told." "We shut our eyes, the flowers bloom on; We murmur, but the corn-ears fill; We choose the shadow, but the sun That casts it shines behind us still.

without Occurrences 3%

He had sold the store without taking an inventory.

beneath Occurrences 3%

No stores beneath its humble thatch Required a master's care; The wicket, opening with a latch, Received the harmless pair.

between Occurrences 3%

" Mr. Killibrew moved down the aisle of his store between fragrant barrels and boxes, laughing mellowly at old Aunt Becky's ruse, as he saw it.

out Occurrences 3%

More boards were laboriously turned out to make the great swing-shelf to hang up high in the angle of the roof, where the provisions might be stored out of reach of possible marauders.

over Occurrences 3%

Did you get any idea of which you'd choose from looking the store over to-day?"

Which preposition to use with  stored