Which preposition to use with struck

with Occurrences 1174%

I was very much struck with her writing-table, which looked most businesslike.

at Occurrences 471%

A fresh blow has been struck at Woman's Rights!

in Occurrences 307%

In Germany, the progressive revolt of labour against work is thus measured by competent authority: There were lost in strikes in 1917, 900,000 working days; in 1918, 4,900,000, and, in 1919, 46,600,000.

on Occurrences 201%

The peninsula of India was of a dark, and Arabia of a light, grayer green, and the sun's rays striking on the Atlantic, emitted an effulgence dazzling to the eyes.

against Occurrences 162%

Whether it hit any one I can't positively affirm, but I heard a dull heavy sound, a kind of chug, as if it had struck against something soft, and the scream of one of the belligerents was brought to a sudden stop, by a sort of hysterical jerk, as though there had been a sudden lack of wind to carry it on.

for Occurrences 157%

Then he struck for his domus et placens uxor at as rapid a rate as his little dumpy legs could carry him.

into Occurrences 147%

So, good-bye, Mr. W; success to your fishing, Mr. W,' and she struck into a gallop towards home.

to Occurrences 107%

If he delayed by ever so little, it was an agony; yet when he did pipe up, his feeble strain struck to my heart cold and paralysing like a dagger.

of Occurrences 81%

We have witnessed an extraordinary growth of universities, libraries, and higher schools,the widespread increase of commerce, the prosperity of business, the rise in the price of food, and the great coal-strike of 1902.

from Occurrences 79%

Then my chance came, for as he lunged I struck from the side with all my force on his jaw.

across Occurrences 52%

We hid our canoes, and struck across the country, and travelled about explorin' for six weeks, and when we got back to our shantyin' ground, we were tuckered out you may believe.

through Occurrences 48%

And a pang struck through Donnegan.

by Occurrences 32%

" Struck by his manifest sincerity, the gentleman introduced him next day to a friend who took a warm interest in the temperance cause.

out Occurrences 32%

On the one hand, the arts of life, like Minerva, who was struck out of the intellectual being of her father at a blow, have started full- grown into existence, as the legitimate inheritance of the colonists, while, on the other, every thing tends towards settling down into a medium, as regards quality, a consequence of the community-character of the institutions.

as Occurrences 27%

The exact tints of silver and gold were frequent and especially favoured, At each corner of every garden was a hollow silvery pillar, up which creepers with flowers of marvellous size and beauty, and foliage of hues almost as striking as those of the flowers, were conducted to form a perfect arch overhead, parting off the gardens from the walks.

like Occurrences 23%

Yet Demosthenes when moved by passion attains the sublimity of intensity and strikes like lightning.

among Occurrences 15%

There has been one serious strike among the engineers since I began to write, and a good many minor troubles.

without Occurrences 14%

On the cap of the cartridge was a mark where the hammer had struck without exploding the powder.

under Occurrences 10%

[Illustration: Construction of Modern Torpedo, Showing All Important Parts, Including Engine, Propellers, Steering Gear, etc.] sufficient to sink the modern armor-clad battleship unless it struck under exceptionally favorable circumstances.

between Occurrences 9%

Young Cumberland had risen to his feet and was swaying to and fro before them like a man struck between the eyes by some maddening blow.

off Occurrences 9%

He was struck off the list at Boodle's three years ago for card-sharpingthat thin-faced, fair-mustached man named Cadby.

about Occurrences 9%

There was nothing striking about our hotel life, although we found it pleasant, being a "parti carré."

with Occurrences 8%

I believe I was the more struck with it, having at present a Fanny in my own house, not only by the name, which happens to be the same, but the extraordinary beauty, joined with an understanding yet more extraordinary at her age, which is but few months past sixteen: she is in the post of my chambermaid.

within Occurrences 8%

The blow we shall strike within three days will shatter that crust in a hundred places.

near Occurrences 7%

"In December, 1859, while stepping out of doors, she slipped, by reason of her stiff joint, and fell, striking near the base of the spine, directly across the sharp edge of the stone step.

Which preposition to use with  struck