Which preposition to use with stuck

to Occurrences 1097%

The difference between us is this:you professed to be friendly to both; I professed to be hostile to both: you stuck to one of your friends, and cast the other off; and I acted the same towards my enemies."

in Occurrences 654%

Had the hour been the same as when I had last seen the clock, I should have concluded that the hands had stuck in one place, while the internal mechanism went on as usual; but that would, in no way, account for the hands having traveled backward.

of Occurrences 307%

At any rate we concluded that it was bones or sticks of wood; we thought perhaps it might be the bones of some animal which had fallen in there and died.

on Occurrences 198%

The words had hardly been uttered when above the brickwork appeared the head and shoulders of a boy a size or so bigger than Acton; a dirty-looking brown bowler hat was stuck on the very back of his head, and rammed down until the brim rested on the top of his ears; and it will be quite sufficient to remark that his face was in exact keeping with the manner in which he wore his hat.

at Occurrences 165%

On the occasion of my arresting one of the Russian rouble note forgers, a ruffian who would not hesitate to stick at anything, I had provided myself with several sized pairs of handcuffs, and it was not until I had obtained the very much needed assistance that I was able to find the suitable "darbies" for his wrists.

with Occurrences 132%

Her bed was made of a few sticks with some corn shucks thrown over them.

into Occurrences 102%

A pole was cut, and a couple of feet of line, with a hook attached, was fastened a little way from the top, and the haft of the hook stuck into the end so that by a little force it might be removed, and Tom and his friend got upon the apron, and stooped over to see where the great trout lay.

out Occurrences 85%

The "sir" stuck out of pure habit; it carried no real implication of respect.

by Occurrences 79%

The truth is, he was horribly frightened, and he struggled desperately to rid himself of our association; but we stuck by him like his destiny, talking kindly to him, endeavoring to impress upon his mind that we meant him no harmindeed, that we were his friends.

for Occurrences 72%

He has gone forth on a holiday to take the country air, to thrust himself into the freer wind, to poke with his stick for such signs of Spring as may be hiding in the winter's leaves.

from Occurrences 49%

Frightened, and puzzled, I seized a stick from the corner, and went toward the door, silently; taking one of the candles with me.

like Occurrences 35%

He tore the loaf in two in a rage, and dashed it against the wall, and there it stuck like a piece of mortar, to the great annoyance of those whose duty it was to have attended to this.

through Occurrences 35%

[Sub-Footnote v: Sugh, a Scotch word, expressive, as Mr. Gilpin explains it, of the sound of the motion of a stick through the air, or of the wind passing through the trees.

under Occurrences 24%

Thus, although Miss POTTS'S lonely stay in her hotel had been so brief, the mysterious American instinct of chivalry had discovered it very early on the first morning after her arrival, and she arose from her delicious sleep to find at least half a dozen written offers of hospitality from generous strangers, sticking under her door.

against Occurrences 22%

He slashes his stick against the weeds as though in challenge.

on Occurrences 21%

"Oh, that's a brief way of telling about it when a midshipman gets stuck on the conduct report.

in Occurrences 21%

2 or 3 of the pheasant's best tail-feathers are sometimes stuck in the tail as an ornament; but the fashion is not much to be commended.

over Occurrences 20%

The salmon, toasting on sticks over wood coals, smelt very appetising.

between Occurrences 17%

The tamasha ended by again setting to partners; each couple, holding a stick between them, their feet firmly planted on the ground and close together, spin round at a great pace, first from right to left and then from left to right.

to Occurrences 16%

All the thorns will get stuck to the cellotape and will be removed.

about Occurrences 14%

"When I am on business," he explained, "I don't carry my sticks about with me, and I tell you this last fortnight has been a giddy whirl for me.

across Occurrences 10%

Cramp-rings were also used; and eelskins to this day are tied round the legs as a preventive of this spasmodic affection; and by laying sticks across the floor, on going to bed, cramp has also been prevented.

as Occurrences 8%

During this war the only weapon Gordon carried was a cane; and men grew to regard this stick as a kind of magic wand, and Gordon as a man whom nothing could harm.

without Occurrences 7%

The other alternative, trial by battle, which had been introduced by the Normans, was extremely unpopular in England; it told hardly against men who were weak or untrained to arms, or against the man of humble birth, who was allowed against his armed opponent neither horse nor the arms of a knight, but simply a leathern jacket, a shield of leather or wood, and a stick without knots or points.

Around Occurrences 7%

The Indians Tied Pa to a Tree and Began to Pile Sticks Around Him.

Which preposition to use with  stuck