Which preposition to use with students

of Occurrences 1173%

It was quite a different public from what one saw anywhere else, many students of both sexes carrying books, small easels, and campstools,some of the men such evident Bohemians, with long hair, sweeping moustache, and soft felt hat,quite the type one sees in the pictures or plays of "La Vie de Boheme."

in Occurrences 309%

It is sufficient for me to have reminded you of a truth, which I am confident we all equally feel, that, while we justly consider ourselves as students in the extensive school of Humanity, it becomes us to look up to HOWARD, with a laudable veneration, as the Prince and Patron of our Order.

at Occurrences 157%

This is the real difference between students at the same school or university.

from Occurrences 53%

He had sent for some of his fellow-students from Florence, not, as Vasari, by some strange aberration, states, because he was ignorant of fresco-painting, since all the artists of the time understood it, and the pupil of Ghirlandajo had himself practised it, but because his fellow-students had had more experience in it, and he wished to be helped in a work of this importance.

to Occurrences 40%

Abélard is said to have attracted thirty thousand students to Paris by his teaching.

with Occurrences 36%

The principal characters in which the history of the ancient glaciers is preserved are displayed here in marvelous freshness and simplicity, furnishing the student with extraordinary advantages for the acquisition of knowledge of this sort.

for Occurrences 30%

The influences of pure nature seem to be so little known as yet, that it is generally supposed that complete pleasure of this kind, permeating one's very flesh and bones, unfits the student for scientific pursuits in which cool judgment and observation are required.

by Occurrences 24%

Before its first printing the Orator was used as a reference book for advanced students by Guarino in his school at Ferrara.

on Occurrences 20%

The great matter is, to make teaching real and practical, by fixing the attention of the student on particular facts; but at the same time it should be rendered broad and comprehensive, by constant reference to the generalisations of which all particular facts are illustrations.

against Occurrences 15%

He had entered the college about a month before me, and, aware of my intention, had spared no pains, as I afterwards learnt, of prejudicing the students against me.

into Occurrences 8%

Colleges are trying to direct their students into the they are best fitted for.

than Occurrences 7%

The remaining three pictures in the room are a Bastiano and a Pollaiolo, which are rather for the student than for the wanderer, and a charming Ignoto, No. 75, which I like immensely.

as Occurrences 7%

It is a copy that was given to a college student as a prize.

of Occurrences 5%

" Students of Manfred will recognize whole sentences, only slightly modified in its verse.

like Occurrences 5%

Granites, slates, lavas, limestone, iron ores, quartz veins, auriferous gravels, remnants of dead fire-rivers and dead water-rivers are developed here side by side within a radius of a few miles, and placed invitingly open before the student like a book, while the people and the region beyond the camp furnish mines of study of never-failing interest and variety.

under Occurrences 5%

"High glee and frolic," so notably appearing in the narrative that, in after days, some writers thought to turn this matter against John Wesley, remarking that he had himself been indulged by his mother at home in amusements which he was now prohibiting to the students under him at college.

about Occurrences 4%

And from time to time men came to collegebishops, secretaries, specialiststo talk to the students about this very thing.

during Occurrences 4%

Its professors, of whom there were four, were ministers in charges, who lectured to the students during the two holiday months of August and September.

in Occurrences 3%

Publiquely acted by the Students in Saint Iohns Colledge in Cambridge.

before Occurrences 3%

But as Moffatt talked he began to feel as blank and blundering as the class of dramatic students before whom the great actor had analyzed his part.

over Occurrences 3%

The teachers unfortunately would spin the technical details thin and long to hold profitable students over several years.

among Occurrences 3%

Southey, writing in 1804, says: 'I have begun to take in here at Keswick the Gentleman's Magazine, alias the Oldwomania, to enlighten a Portuguese student among the mountains; it does amuse me by its exquisite inanity, and the glorious and intense stupidity of its correspondents; it is, in truth, a disgrace to the age and the country.'

up Occurrences 3%

But all these questions, and especially, I suspect, that last one, ought to lead the young student up to the great and complex questionHow

without Occurrences 2%

And the hospitality of London, wherever I found access to it, was unmeasuredthe kindly feeling which showed itself to a young and unknown student without recommendation or achievement made on me an indelible impression.

after Occurrences 2%

"I lack only one of having a hundred," said a student after an examination; "I have the two naughts."

Which preposition to use with  students