Which preposition to use with stupider

of Occurrences 56%

It is very stupid of me, but these repeated shocks are rather trying.

as Occurrences 29%

" "Humph, I suppose you think you're pretty smart, don't you?" "I don't know," said Patty slowly, as if considering; "yes, I think I'm pretty smart in some ways, and in other ways I'm as stupid as an owl.

than Occurrences 18%

It's a very simple contrivance, and if a martin was not a good deal more stupid than a goose, he'd never be caught in one of them.

in Occurrences 16%

He was a sad-faced, untidy-looking boy, quick and clever enough in some things, and equally dull and stupid in others.

with Occurrences 16%

Indeed I could not have endured it had not my mind been drugged and my body stupid with fatigue.

about Occurrences 10%

When he did get ill, he was more stupid about doctoring himself than any dog that I have ever seen.

for Occurrences 9%

He lives with a heart full of that malignity, which fear of detection always generates in those, who are to defend unjust acquisitions against lawful authority; and when he comes home, with riches thus acquired, he brings a mind hardened in evil, too proud for reproof, and too stupid for reflection; he offends the high by his insolence, and corrupts the low by his example.

to Occurrences 8%

With a little sniff she put the book down; just the sort of thing for Mark King to read, she thought with fine scorn, and utterly stupid to Gloria.

at Occurrences 8%

She thinks me rather prosy and stupid at times, poor girl, becausewell, because, in point of fact, I am.

from Occurrences 5%

Assailed by creditors on one side, and drawn to the gaming-table by desire and necessity on the other; menaced with a prison, threatened to be denounced to his father, stupid from want of rest, midnight revelling, and anxiety, he one day presented himself before Sophia in a state so different from usual, that the poor girl was terrified at him.

than Occurrences 4%

The old folks weren't any stupider than we.

after Occurrences 3%

I gets so stupid after a while, dat massa threatens to sell me way down whar dey works de niggars up; and I gets so, I don't care how much dey whips me, or anyting else, for I tinks I neber be mysef again, when one day massa takes me wid him down to de boats, to fotch de cotton, and I hears de captain ask, what ail dat fellow to look so blue, and massa tells him, I got a notion dat

like Occurrences 2%

His legs were so long, his nose so sharp, and hunger, instead of making him stupid like the horse and cow, had made him more lively.

over Occurrences 2%

"I'm very sleepy, but I've been so stupid over this solitaire since I've been at the Cedars that I must solve it in the interest of my self-respect before I go to bed.

out Occurrences 1%

"Though this Grosbeak seems rather dull and stupid out of doors, he is a charming cage pet, growing tame and singing a delightful warbling song.

forfor Occurrences 1%

I am so foolishI think I must be too young or too stupid forfor all this.

beyond Occurrences 1%

I am stupid beyond pardon, Ormond; I thank you for your kind wishes....

at Occurrences 1%

Now see why his tutor, exchanging pleas for ploughs, has had given to him in the public domain of the Roman people two thousand acres of land in the Leontine district, exempt from all taxes, for making a stupid man still stupider at the public expense.

by Occurrences 1%

Are all male beings so much stupider by nature than the other sex, that men require stimulants and narcotics to make them mutually endurable?

against Occurrences 1%

In a monarchy, on the other hand, this natural and universal league of the stupid against those who are possessed of intellectual advantages is a one-sided affair; it exists only from below, for in a monarchy talent and intelligence receive a natural advocacy and support from above.

to Occurrences 1%

When a man backs a worthless horse against the field, money probably is transferred from the stupider to the shrewder party.

Which preposition to use with  stupider