Which preposition to use with sum

of Occurrences 2231%

In Him we find the environment of all our lives, and the sum of all our dreams.

in Occurrences 211%

who, having spent his last penny, enlists in the Lancers and spends vast sums in beneficiary beer in company with his comrades; Mr. WILLIAMSON is the Kindly Sergeant; Mr. RINGGOLD is the Genial Artist, whose velvet coat suggests that he has recently managed a Starr opera bouffe enterprise; and Mr. STODDART is happy in the congenial character of a Clumsy Trumpeter.

for Occurrences 199%

And, since you have constituted yourself guardian of the boy, I may as well tell you that the Company has decided to set aside a yearly sum for his maintenance and education.

to Occurrences 75%

Her allies sank to be dependent and unwilling vassals, forced to contribute large sums to the treasury of their overlord.

at Occurrences 53%

When he returned, he found his debts paid off; but knowing he was master of so ready and effectual an expedient, he, the next day, borrowed double the sum at the old rate.

from Occurrences 52%

Sir Cautious and various guests enter, dice are produced and, luck favouring the gallant, Gayman wins one hundred pounds from the old Banker, and a like sum from several others of the company.

on Occurrences 48%

My father, being unaccustomed to the ways of such rough people, acted very cautiously; and as they were all very anxious to bet on their own horse, he could not be induced to wager a very large sum on Little Gray, as he was afraid of foul play.

as Occurrences 29%

Quoth Robin, "I have oft heard that the Beggars' Guild was over-rich, but never did I think that they sent such sums as this to their treasury.

by Occurrences 28%

When the ransom money of twenty-five hundred Saracens, slain by said LION to enforce the speedy payment of the principal of this sum by the said SALADIN, shall have been deducted and paid to such heirs and survivors of said Saracens as may immediately present their claims, the remainder will be divided, (as soon as the necessary legal measures shall be taken,) among the heirs and descendants of said LION in this country.

with Occurrences 20%

Imagine for an instant the drudgery of working a long division sum with leaden type and raised, figures; think of all the difficulty of placing the figures, and the chances of doing the sum wrong; and then it will not cause surprise that the blind girl could never enjoy arithmetic, although in mental calculation she showed herself later on to be very clever.

out Occurrences 19%

Both sides at length grew weary of the war, and in 421 a truce for fifty years was concluded, which, though ill kept, and though many of the confederates of Sparta refused to recognize it, and hostilities still continued in many parts of Greece, protected the Athenian territory from the ravages of enemies, and enabled Athens to accumulate large sums out of the proceeds of her annual revenues.

per Occurrences 14%

I dare say you could hire somebody for a small sum per week to call you Patricia for a given number of times every day.

than Occurrences 14%

Of course it was a step for me from the humble "one three six;" but I have had a more lively satisfaction from that little sum than from many a larger fee.

into Occurrences 9%

" The lady put the required sum into his hand, and at the same time intimated a desire to have a specimen of his art.

due Occurrences 8%

She next met her late suitor, Sir Philip Rushwood, and after soliciting an account of the sums due to him by her parent, declared her intention of refunding them from the labours of her own hands.

towards Occurrences 7%

The holders of loan stock in every country are creditors for vast sums towards the State, and the State, in its turn, is creditor for enormous sums towards the taxpayers.

without Occurrences 6%

Italy had already made an expedition into Albania, the reason for which beyond the military necessities for the period of the War has never been understood, except that of spending a huge sum without receiving the gratitude of the Albanians; an expedition in Georgia would have done harm, the consequence of which cannot be readily measured, it could, indeed, have meant ruin.

among Occurrences 4%

Hast thou the gold, on condition of naming thine own usury?" "With sufficient pledges, in stones of price, I might rake together the sum among our dispersed people, Signore.

above Occurrences 4%

RECEIPTS for sums above £2 should now be given upon penny stamps.

between Occurrences 4%

Even the mean sum between highest and lowest was a monstrously unfair guide, for one old expert used to instruct his pupils that the only true principle in estimating value was to ask at least twice as much as the business or other property was worth, because, he said, the other side will be sure to try and cut you down one-half, and then probably offer to split the difference.

within Occurrences 3%

It seemed incredible that she should owe so much, that a girl's frivolous fancies and extravagances could amount to such a sum within so short a span.

beyond Occurrences 3%

And nobody was compelled to restore any object thus acquired."] he hurt no one by levies), and he necessarily laid out very large sums beyond the ordinary requirements.

under Occurrences 3%

Indeed, one act of Congress, in July, 1862, made it lawful to receive postage stamps (in sums under $5) in payment of government dues.

about Occurrences 2%

"I know it is rather imprudent to carry so large sum about with me," continued the lady, but I have a payment to make to a carpenter who has done work in my house, and I thought he might not find it convenient use a check.

against Occurrences 2%

Theophania de Westland agreed to pay the half of two hundred and twelve marks, that she might recover that sum against James de Fughleston

Which preposition to use with  sum