Which preposition to use with sundrie

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She brought, however, all the stores which we had left at Petropavlovsk the previous fall, as well as a large cargo of tea, sugar, tobacco, and sundries for the Siberian trade.

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Worthy Park bought nearly all of its hardware, dry goods, drugs and sundries in London, and its herrings for the negroes and salt pork and beef for the white staff in Cork.

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After sundrie of the passages in ye wrighting were read, she was asked if these things did not giue just ground of suspition to all that heard them that she was a witch.

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Look at the extrasgas, coals, washing bedlinen, washing tablelinen, washing towels, kitchen fires, service, oil for three lamps, afternoon tea, and three shillings for sundries on the fourth page!

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[Footnote: Canadian Archives, McKee's speech to the Indians, July 1, 1971; and Francis Lafontaine's account of sundries to Indians.

Which preposition to use with  sundrie