Which preposition to use with swamp

of Occurrences 82%

As night fell they faced hopefully forward down the Williamsburg road, until a flaming wave in the air admonished them to strike to the right, and they plunged into the pathless swamps of the Chickahominy.

in Occurrences 45%

We ken go all froo de swamp in a boat.

on Occurrences 21%

God be good till 'im!" Neither Jack nor Nick Marsh dared trust himself to meet the other's eyes as the helpless chief disappeared down the hillside, while Barney entered into an exhaustive treatise on the symptoms of cholera and the liability of the most robust to meet sudden disaster in this malarious upland, circumvailated by ages of decaying matter in the damp swamps on every hand.

with Occurrences 19%

Every day in the week, all during our summer holiday" "Why, you've made our whole lives a holiday, Uncle John," interrupted Patsy, "and we've been so coddled and swamped with luxuries that we are just now in serious danger of being spoiled!

to Occurrences 18%

Thence in an Indian's canoe it would be carried to Aird's store on the Mattaponey, from which a woodman would take it across the swamps to a clump of hemlocks.

at Occurrences 11%

It adds greatly to the beauty of such a swamp at this season, that, even though there may be no other trees interspersed, it is not seen as a simple mass of color, but, different trees being of different colors and hues, the outline of each crescent tree-top is distinct, and where one laps on to another.

for Occurrences 10%

Of course, even in default of finding millions, something stirring might have happened, something heroic, rewarding to the spirit, if no other how; but (his own special revelation blurred, swamped for the moment in the common wreck)

near Occurrences 8%

You will lead them to the swamps near Williamsburg.

into Occurrences 7%

The trail continued as distinct as ever, and the pursuit suffered no interruption until it entered a deep swamp into which Teddy hesitated to enter, its appearance was so dark and forbidding.

between Occurrences 4%

The party endured untold privations in the swamps between Williamsburg and our line on the Warwick, but all came in safely, except two men who died from the results of their wounds.

through Occurrences 3%

Seated on the front of the car, with the four men pumping behind him, he drank in the wild beauties of the forests and swamps through which they slipped, his eyes constantly on the alert for signs of the big game which his companions told him was on all sides of them.

around Occurrences 3%

Again, when Fortune had turned against the Confederacy, when overwhelming forces from all sides pressed back her defenders, Lee for a year held his ground with a constantly-diminishing army, fighting battle after battle in the forests and swamps around Richmond.

among Occurrences 3%

The repeated crash and drag of the waves were the only sounds, except when now and again a parrot shrieked from the forest, or some great trunk, rotted right through at last, fell heavily into the swamp among the tangled roots and slime.

under Occurrences 3%

There we will have boats to take part down the river; the rest will make through the swamps under my lead.

without Occurrences 2%

A few years, as history goes, unless there is some complete change of tendencies which at present seem as strong as ever, the French race as we now know it will have ceased to exist, swamped without the firing, may be, of a single shot, by the Germans, Belgians, English, Italians, and Jews.

behind Occurrences 2%

Opposite this is a small inlet fed by the drainage of some lagoons or swamps behind the bay.

during Occurrences 2%

"common fields" and pastures of the villages must have lain on the higher grounds which were not mere swamps during half the year.

from Occurrences 2%

In pursuing the remainder incautiously they got into swamps from which it was not easy to make one's way out, and in this way lost many men.

over Occurrences 2%

They had left the swamp over a month before when it was smothered deep in snow.

by Occurrences 1%

The sun was approaching the blue range of misty hills that bounded the mainland swamps by this time; so the skipper was signalled, the dinner paraphernalia gathered up, and the party were soon en route for home once more.

beneath Occurrences 1%

But during the last century the remains of this colony have been swamped beneath a flood of half-Anglicized people, of Irishmen from the country districts, who were formerly excluded, and who brought with them such a mixture of expressions and of phonetic tendencies derived from the Gaelic that the language of Grattan, Sheridan, and Burke has well-nigh gone out of existence.

opposite Occurrences 1%

The noise and disagreeable odour arising from the bull-frogs and other reptiles that infest the swamp opposite the village at night, filled the air, and rendered it impossible for me to sleep.

across Occurrences 1%

While passing the entrance on our return a great lizard, about five feet in length, rushed out from an adjacent swamp across a narrow strip of sandy beach and plunged into the water after receiving an ineffectual charge of small shot.

than Occurrences 1%

And as to the Conifers, or pine-like treesthe Dadoxylon, of which the pith goes by the name of Sternbergia, and the uncertain tree which furnishes in some coal-measures bushels of a seed connected with that of the yewwe may suppose that they would find no more difficulty in growing in swamps than the cypress, which forms so large a portion of the vegetation in the swamps of the Southern United States.

before Occurrences 1%

It was where Gray Wolf had made a last feast in the swamp before continuing south.

Which preposition to use with  swamp