Which preposition to use with swelled

with Occurrences 261%

The smallest and most perfectly individualized specimens present a richly modeled cumulous cloud rising above the dark woods, about 11 A.M., swelling with a visible motion straight up into the calm, sunny sky to a height of 12,000 to 14,000 feet above the sea, its white, pearly bosses relieved by gray and pale purple shadows in the hollows, and showing outlines as keenly defined as those of the glacier-polished domes.

of Occurrences 161%

The rapidity with which this speck grew into a dense cloud, and spread itself in darkness over the heavens, as well as the increasing swell of the ocean before we felt the wind, soon convinced us he was right.

to Occurrences 145%

Even when the grand anthem had swelled to its highest pitch, I could distinctly hear the varying tones of individual trees,Spruce, and Fir, and Pine, and leafless Oak,and even the infinitely gentle rustle of the withered grasses at my feet.

in Occurrences 126%

And through all, the wound made in my breast by the bite of the serpent remained with me still, and full of viperous poison; for no medicinal help was within my reach, so that my entire body appeared to have swollen in a most foul and disgusting manner.

into Occurrences 82%

It was a weak laugh at first, but it gradually swelled into a roar as he took in the full humor of the situation.

from Occurrences 45%

As some tall cliff that lifts its awful form, Swells from the vale, and midway leaves the storm, Though round its breast the rolling clouds are spread, Eternal sunshine settles on its head.

on Occurrences 33%

Great he looked and tall as Beltane's self, a hairy man of mighty girth with muscles that swelled on arm and breast and rippled upon his back.

like Occurrences 30%

Then he sat down again, and waited for them to "swell like thunder."

at Occurrences 20%

Why, I say!" Johnnie's throat swelled at the humble kindness.

within Occurrences 19%

Now, reining in his eager beast, Beltane looked upon that stern array, and as he looked his eye kindled and his heart swelled within him.

as Occurrences 13%

When I waked it was broad day, the weather clear, and the storm abated, so that the sea did not rage and swell as before; but that which surprised me most was, that the ship was lifted off in the night from the sand where she lay, by the swelling of the tide, and was driven up almost as far as the rock which I at first mentioned, where I had been so bruised by the wave dashing me against it.

over Occurrences 10%

" In a little while the music changed, and "Come o'er the moonlight sea" came swelling over the lake.

beyond Occurrences 9%

They have endeavoured to rescue their country from the rapine of pensioners and the tyranny of an army, from perpetual taxes, and useless expenses; they have attempted to expose the errours of arrogant ignorance, and to depress the power of greatness, founded on corruption, and swelling beyond legal restraints.

under Occurrences 9%

If the swelling under the throat shows a disposition to ulcerate, which it generally does, do nothing to prevent it.

above Occurrences 9%

You know an ingenious oration must neither swell above the banks with insolent words, nor creep too shallow in the ford with vulgar terms; but run equally, smooth and cheerful, through the clean current of a pure style. LIN.

by Occurrences 7%

From that lone lake, the sweetest of the chain, That links the mountain to the mighty main, Fresh from the rock and swelling by the tree, Rushing to meet, and dare, and breast the sea Fair, noble, glorious river!

through Occurrences 7%

Wordless, magnificent, the great anthem swelled through the falling dusk, and like a vision the unutterable arose and possessed her soul.

around Occurrences 5%

When their broad, blackish backs were above the waves, there was frequently a ring or ruffle of snowy surf, formed by the breaking of the swell around the edges of the fish.

for Occurrences 5%

He's too great a swell for any minor hostelry.

about Occurrences 4%

If there is much swelling about the broken part, a cold lotion is to be applied.

before Occurrences 4%

But, horror of horrors, each man's porridge swelled before his eyes, grew hot, smoked, boiled over.

beneath Occurrences 4%

So I sat tight and let my feet dangle off the side, glad of the relief, but feeling them slowly swelling beneath me.

towards Occurrences 3%

Ile back to the Hage And something there Ile doe that shall divert The torrent that swells towards us, or sinck in it; And let this Prince of Orange seat him sure, Or he shall fall when he is most secure.

against Occurrences 3%

So the poor Buhred breaks away from his anchors, leaving his wife Ethelswitha even, in his haste, to take refuge with her brother; or is it that the heart of the daughter of the race of Cerdic swells against leaving the land which her sires had won, the people they had planted there, in the moment of sorest need?

off Occurrences 3%

Last night there was a tornado of rain and thunder and wind, and the effects of the latter were now perceptible, as we began to rock through the ground-swell off Sandy Hook, and down past the twin light-houses on the high, sunny ridges of Neversink.

Which preposition to use with  swelled