Which preposition to use with taker

of Occurrences 16%

Such a one was the famous Calébar, the dreaded thief-taker of the Pampas, the Vidocq of Buenos Ayres.

in Occurrences 5%

As a bankrupt thief turns thief-taker in despair, so an unsuccessful author turns critic.

at Occurrences 4%

It is characteristic of this country that Saragossa should be guarded during the day by the toll-takers at every gate, by sentries, and by the new police, while at night the streets are given over to the care of a handful of night watchmen, who call monotonously to each other all through the hours, and may be avoided by the simplest-minded of malefactors.

for Occurrences 2%

"With nothing but an old black hat of SKAMMERHORN'S, and walking-cane, kept hanging in the hall, I haven't lost a spoon by tramps or census takers for six mortal years.

among Occurrences 1%

When one sees there are actually such Pains-takers among our British Wits, who can tell what it may end in?

with Occurrences 1%

I'll take the range-taker with me.

out Occurrences 1%

" The thief taker out of curiosity rode forward.

outside Occurrences 1%

Business is suspended, money for cultivation is lacking, credit is everywhere refused, the ensuing harvest is mortgaged, the loans which it is sought to issue find no takers outside the extreme South.

up Occurrences 1%

Some men are familiar with all, and those commonly friends to none; for friendship is a sullener thing, is a contractor and taker up of our affections to some few, and suffers them not loosely to be scattered on all men.

Which preposition to use with  taker