Which preposition to use with talk

of Occurrences 5001%

I quite agreed, said it was the fortunes of war; I hoped the marshal would find another premier who would be more sympathetic with him, and then we talked of other things.

to Occurrences 4930%

It was no use talking to her; she was, obviously, not quite herself for the time being.

about Occurrences 4620%

She was very clever, very original, had known all sorts of people, and it was most interesting to hear her talk about King Louis Philippe's court, the Spanish marriages, the death of the Duc d'Orleans, the Coup d'Etat of Louis Napoleon, etc.

with Occurrences 2978%

"Mrs. Grant, the marshal begs me to say to you that he regrets not being able to talk with you, but unfortunately he does not understand English."

in Occurrences 903%

A great many of the members had gone out and were talking in the lobbies; those who remained were talking in groups, writing letters, walking about the hall, quite unconscious apparently of the speaker at the tribune.

like Occurrences 470%

Half the time when we go in stores together they take us for sisters, and then sheshe begins to talk like that to get out of going!" "Ruby don't understand; but it ain't right, Mr. Vetsburg, I should be away over Saturday and Sunday.

over Occurrences 440%

I asked to have them presented to me, and we had a long talk over old days in Rome when the Pope went out every day to the different villas, and promenades, and always with an escort of gardes nobles.

on Occurrences 297%

He and Freycinet had a long talk on Wednesday, as W. naturally wanted to be sure that some provision would be made for his chef de cabinet and secretaries.

at Occurrences 270%

I learned a great deal from merely listening while the men talked at dinner.

for Occurrences 264%

I remember one man talked for hours about "allumettes chimiques.

among Occurrences 62%

The Indians then talked among themselves for a few minutes, and upon the conclusion of the consultation, old Rain-in-the-Face turned to me and gave me to understand that as I was yet a "papoose," or a very young man, they would not take my life.

from Occurrences 60%

I tell you, Ruby, it's easy talk from a girl that doesn't understand.

by Occurrences 58%

It wasn't one of the bitter nights; they'd get down yonder, and talk by the fire, till he went in and disturbed them.

without Occurrences 57%

I have said that Willie's father and mother used to talk without restraint in his presence.

as Occurrences 53%

Joe queried, as much to hear Marcia talk as for the sake of what she might say.

between Occurrences 47%

The talk between him and his hostess had been enlightening to both of them.

against Occurrences 39%

Again, in the matter of Caesar, he was first associated with him as quaestor, when Caesar was praetor in Spain, next attached himself to him during the tribuneship, contrary to the liking of us all, and later received from him countless money and excessive honors: in return for this he tried to inspire his patron with a desire for supremacy, which led to talk against him and was more than anything else responsible for Caesar's death.

through Occurrences 30%

"Then you're talking through your hat!" "Say, Potts, where in hell is he goin'?" "Damfino!"

after Occurrences 25%

He had a long talk after dinner with the Crown Princess (Princess Royal of England) who spoke English with him.

into Occurrences 24%

A Scandinavianism of the purely sentimental kind,the kind that talked without ever dreaming of putting the talk into deeds,had prevailed until then on the peninsula.

out Occurrences 17%

He gets that kind of talk out of books.

before Occurrences 17%

"Order drinks," she said aside, "and don't talk before Jimmie.

than Occurrences 13%

Carleton calculated that about five hundred of 'the King's Old Subjects' were capable of bearing arms; though most of them were better at talking than fighting.

under Occurrences 11%

I hear the men when they are talking under my window of thee.

across Occurrences 11%

We were still talking across the rope, when Sanchez came out of the cabin, and joined us.

Which preposition to use with  talk
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