Which preposition to use with tea

with Occurrences 269%

W. was rather astonished when I told him who had come to tea with me, and thought the conversation must have been difficult.

in Occurrences 197%

I was at home every afternoon after fivehad tea in my little blue salon, and always had two or three people to keep me company.

at Occurrences 131%

We stopped once or twice when we were a large party, two or three carriages, and had tea at one of the numerous farmhouses that were scattered about.

for Occurrences 81%

The feast was of the lightest sort: sherbet or tea for those who liked it; fruit and crackers, honey or marmaladea triumph in the cultivation of dyspepsia, Jack said when he first began the eating.

on Occurrences 57%

* One afternoon about four o'clockhe was expecting herVincy had arranged an elaborate tea on his little green marble dining-table.

of Occurrences 40%

We had tin plates, knives, and forks, with us, also a tea-kettle, tin cups, and tea of the choicest quality, sugar, pepper, salt, and pork.

from Occurrences 38%

And, after the waiter bringing him toast and tea from a neighboring restaurant had brought an additional slice and cup for the guest, it was pleasant to behold him smiling across the office-table at that guest, and encouraging her to eat as much as she would if a member of his sex were not looking.

to Occurrences 29%

His eyes have a terribly startled expression in themhis hand trembles so that he can scarcely raise a cup of tea to his lips.

into Occurrences 21%

For having introduced tea into Western Asia the inhabitants of the land of "the gul and the bulbul" claim the secret of making a perfect infusion of the celestial leaves.

out Occurrences 16%

Evadne drank her tea out of a chocolate tinted cup, fluted like the bell of a flower, and felt as if she were feasting on the nectar of the gods, while Mr. Everidge's silvery tones kept up a constant stream of talk and Aunt Marthe's beautiful hospitality made her feel perfectly at home.

as Occurrences 15%

He took several small sips in quick succession, evidently appreciating the quality of the tea as a connoisseur.

by Occurrences 14%

When, some time afterwards, Barbara came down the stairs that occupied one side of the hall she was composed, but tea by the fire was something of a strain.

before Occurrences 10%

You must have tea before your long drive.

after Occurrences 10%

Rebecca, her friend, my Lord Steyne, and one or two more were in the drawing-room taking tea after the opera, when this shouting was heard overhead.

under Occurrences 10%

Diggory hastily fished out his double alphabet, wrote down the proper letters as Jack read out those on the paper, and in a few seconds the translation was complete, and read as follows: "After tea under the pav.

than Occurrences 7%

Our rations at this time were a special Anglo-Italian blend; less meat, bacon, cheese and tea than in the British ration, but macaroni, rice, coffee, wine and lemons from the Italian.

without Occurrences 6%

On April 18, (being Good-Friday,) I found him at breakfast, in his usual manner upon that day, drinking tea without milk, and eating a cross-bun to prevent faintness; we went to St. Clement's church, as formerly.

over Occurrences 4%

He did not heed that notorious bruiser, old Hodge, who roared out, "Confound you, Newcome: I'll give it you for upsetting your tea over my new trousers."

between Occurrences 3%

A brother of mine that went to America to make his fortune, and seemed to be doing so well for the first five or six years, and wrote home such beautiful letters, and then left off writing all at once, and we made sure as he was dead, and never got a word from him for ten years, and just three weeks ago he drops in upon us as we was sitting over our tea between the lights, looking as white as a ghost.

like Occurrences 3%

He'd fasten it between his forefeet and pull the cork with his teethand then he'd tip the flask up between his teeth and drink his tea like a Christian.

en Occurrences 2%

" "Of course," said Robinson, "it's a bit of a strain for a woman of middle age to negotiate three hundred odd miles, even with a couple of landings for a cup of tea en route.

among Occurrences 2%

The fact that it is sometimes spelled Tepoy confirms this, but the other spelling is commoner, and appears to have led to its getting a special meaning connected with tea among furniture sellers.

through Occurrences 2%

Strain the tea through a hair sieve, and set it by in a cool place.

beneath Occurrences 1%

So we sipped the well-made breakfast tea beneath the cherry blossoms as I told her about my boys and Miss Lavinia's expected visit.

outside Occurrences 1%

It was very much like tea outside the trenches, so far as any signs of perturbation about shells and casualties were concerned.

Which preposition to use with  tea