Which preposition to use with throes

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History, rising out of dim mists, is seen to be the marching and the countermarching of nations in the throes of progress and of social change.

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The Throes of Regeneration: Independent Serbia, 1830-1903 19.

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Meanwhile the gondola floated in lightbetween shadow and shadowso slight is the realization of the throes by which joy is sometimes born; and the pathos of the change which made their gladness possible was for the two young people still an unrecognized note.

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In the background of all our thoughts at all times has been the solemn consciousness that the destiny of mankind was at work in mighty throes toward an end hidden to our knowledge if not to our faith and hope.

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But poor Moll Crispin is in the throes with twins:

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"Where do you hail from?" would be a bootless question to put when the "hail-thrower" begins to administer throes to the breaking ranks.

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Behold, with throe on throe, How, wasted by this woe, I wrestle down the myriad years of Time!

Which preposition to use with  throes