Which preposition to use with tooths

of Occurrences 454%

But years rolled on, and the tall ship that swung out upon the broad ocean, and moved forward when the air was still and calmness was on the face of the deep, forward in the eye of the windforward in the teeth of the storm, that stopped not for billow or blast, gave the lie to philosophy, and scattered the theory of the wise like chaff.

in Occurrences 229%

"'Wal, I paddled away, the bear every now and then grinnin' at me, skinnin' his face till every tooth in his head stood right out, and grumblin' to himself in a way that seemed to say, 'I wonder if that chap's good to eat?'

with Occurrences 92%

" "Why, I hate it so terrible, Jimmie, that sometimes I wake up nights gritting my teeth with the smell of steam-pipes and the tramp of feet on the glass sidewalk up over me.

for Occurrences 72%

I have a tooth for sweets, too, although I hold it unmanly and deny it as I can.

on Occurrences 71%

That acid substances acted upon our bodies by a peculiar set of nerves, or through some medium of their own, was evident from this, that they set the teeth on edge, though these, from their hard and bony nature, are insensible to the touch.

at Occurrences 59%

" The brakie could hear the click of his companion's teeth at the period to this statement, as though he regretted his outburst.

into Occurrences 33%

Now that he had sunk his teeth into the flesh of his enemies his blood was filled with a frenzied desire to kill.

like Occurrences 27%

Rise with the dawnah, very soon For me neglect a hundred plans; Direct thy flight toward the fount, To Tanina and Cherifa. "Speak to the eyelash-darkened maid, To the beautiful one of the pure, white throat; With teeth like milky pearls.

from Occurrences 25%

Tomorrow they are going to extract a tooth from the boa-constrictor, and pa and I are going to help hold him, while the animal dentist pulls the tooth, and then we scrub the rhinoceros, and oil the hippopotamus, and get everything ready to start out on the road, and I can't write any more in my diary until after we fix the snake.

to Occurrences 22%

"You could see it was like pulling out teeth to part with it.

by Occurrences 18%

Ever since the 9th of September Changarnier had dismissed the fifteen men armed to the teeth by whom he had hitherto been guarded during the night, and on the 1st December, as we have said, Charras had unloaded his pistols.

over Occurrences 13%

"When the clock strikes, then," said Landis, and flung himself down in a chair, setting his teeth over his rage.

as Occurrences 11%

At once her face lighted up with a charming smilefew women could boast teeth as white and fineand almost before Lanyard could extricate himself from his chair she was at pause before him, holding his hand.

out Occurrences 10%

Boots left the Elmses when his time was up, and Master Harry, he went down to the old lady's at York, which old lady would have given that child the teeth out of her head (if she had had any), she was so wrapped up in him.

against Occurrences 10%

If a man has closed his teeth against everything that savours of scholasticism, we must either abandon him or else see if there be any among the methods he will submit to, which may in any wise serve our purpose.

between Occurrences 9%

CURE FOR THE TOOTHACHE.Take a piece of sheet zinc, about the size of a sixpence, and a piece of silver, say a shilling; place them together, and hold the defective tooth between them or contiguous to them; in a few minutes the pain will be gone, as if by magic.

through Occurrences 7%

A jolt over a stone, or a bit of wood, might send his teeth through his tongue if he parted his jaws.

without Occurrences 6%

He cut all his teeth without even a whimper.

under Occurrences 6%

Wesley ground his teeth under the burden, not quite sure whether it was mockery or malevolence.

before Occurrences 4%

They never shed their large teeth before death; neither do they do any harm to man unless provoked.

than Occurrences 4%

'It is better,' said he, 'for us to trust to our claws and teeth than to man's weapons, which certainly were not designed for us.'

beyond Occurrences 3%

The tooth beyond on each side is an eye tooth, and the next two on each side are bicuspids, or premolars.

after Occurrences 3%

The eye-teeth after a time begin to make their appearance; and then more double teeth; making in all twenty-eight teeth, and occupying in their developement from the seventh to the fourteenth year of age.

within Occurrences 3%

And an indescribable feeling came over him as he realized that he sat armed to the teeth within a yard of the man he wanted to kill, and yet he was as effectively rendered helpless as though iron shackles had been locked on his wrists and legs.

along Occurrences 2%

Bill black, round like a lead-pencil, with a hook at the end, and strong saw-like teeth along the sides; eyes yellow.

Which preposition to use with  tooths