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Which preposition to use with  touring

Which preposition to use with touring

The next thing we did was to make a complete tour of the tremendous chasm, which we were able to observe was in the form of an almost perfect circle, save for where the ruin-crowned spur of rock jutted out, spoiling its symmetry.

Get some one to write a history of CAESAR for you, or an account of a tour in the Highlands, and then claim the work as your own.

He took drawings of the place, and then went on a tour to many southern cities.

A chance meeting at Monte Carlo, he said, with his old friends, the Comte et Comtesse de Lorgnes, had resulted in their yielding to his insistence that they tour with him back to Paris by this roundabout way.

Then, to make the plot complete, the French minister to the United States was asking permission to make a tour through Canada at the very time when Carleton was sending home reams of documents bearing on the impending troubles.

Dick, who might have stood by me, and made things less unbearable, was away on a two years' tour for big game shooting; I had no one to confide in, no one to help me.

We closed our tour on the 16th of June, 1873, at Port Jervis, New York, and when I counted up my share of the profits I found that I was only about $6,000 ahead.

He had been on a tour around the world, and Undine could not look at a newspaper without seeing some allusion to his progress.

Of Hook's contributions the most remarkable was the 'Ramsbottom Letters,' in which Mrs. Lavinia Dorothea Ramsbottom describes all the memory billions of her various tours at home and abroad, always, of course, with more or less allusion to political affairs.

Since travel is becoming a necessary part of education, and a journey through the East is no longer attended with personal risk, Jerusalem will soon be as familiar a station on the grand tour as Paris or Naples.

In the spring of the year 1798, he, my sister, and myself, started from Alfoxden pretty late in the afternoon, with a view to visit Linton and the Valley of Stones near it; and as our united funds were very small, we agreed to defray the expense of the tour by writing a poem, to be sent to the 'New Monthly Magazine', set up by Philips, the bookseller, and edited by Dr. Aikin.

The band went on a promotional tour across Ontario & Quebec from January 11 to 19, 2006. citation They recorded their first full-length album titled Urban Cancer in 2006.

Madame Cole's first distinct success in public was gained with Mr. Theodore Thomas, during that gentleman's first "grand transcontinental tour from ocean to ocean" in 1883.

publishers of "Our Own Country," a large work descriptive of a tour throughout the most picturesque sections of the United States.

If James M. Goodhue could revisit the earth and make a tour among the daily newspaper offices of St. Paul he would discover that wonderful strides had been made in the method of producing a newspaper during the latter half of the past century.

This, I accomplished by placing upon it several large pieces of 'dressed' stone, which I had noticed in my tour along the East wall.

They proposed at once a tour into the interior.

They said that they "will probably be touring until the end of next year."

In the hands of experts, the foreign racing-cars are the most perfect road locomotives yet devised; for touring over American roads in the hands of the amateur they are worse than useless; and even experts have great difficulty in running week in and week out without serious breaks and delays.

The amateur who is not a pretty good mechanic and who wishes to tour without the assistance of an expert will do well to use the single-cylinder motor; he will have trouble enough with that without seeking further complications by the adoption of multiple cylinders.

"We like to take long walks, but this is the first time we ever went on a tour like this."

Just as he is about to leave England, his father discovers him and sends him to make the grand tour under a competent tutor.

He made a final tour about the broken ground, but there was no sound or suspicion of Dick.

's Never Ending Tour during the 1990s.

"It occurred to me that, as school closes exceptionally early this year, some of us girls could go for a two weeks' tramping tour before our regular summer vacation."

In 1815 he went with Otto von Kotzehue on a tour round the world, and on his return he settled in Berlin, having obtained a post in the Botanical Gardens.

Yes, the clerk happened to know that it was engaged for the next three days, perhaps longer, to a young lady in the hotel who intended to do some touring in the neighbourhood.

After touring behind two Shaw-Blades albums, we discussed a second album of covers and actually recorded a few more, but we never officially set a project into motion.

Check out this exclusive tour inside Hotella Nutella, a pop-up hotel dedicated to everything Nutella.

He said each tour after 1977 got 'bigger and bigger,' the productions were more ornate with larger lighting rigs, stage settings, and pyrotechnics.

Ofenlochโ€™s early career included touring with Henry Mancini and performing regularly with the Boston Pops.

"But we're talking about a tour through cloudland," burst out Jess, unable to retain the secret any longer, "a sort of Cook's tour above the earth."

He had made a very good selection for those ladies,lace scarfs and rabats and little tours de cou of fur,really very pretty.

There is no word on if Sir Elton will postpone any of this weekโ€™s dates on the tour due to his illness.

Elle offre ร  qui la voit ainsi dans le lointain Trente maรฎtresses tours avec des toits d'รฉtain, Et des mรขchicoulis de forme sarrasine Encor tout ruisselants de poix et de rรฉsine.

Every distinguished tripper who comes Cook's-touring to the Front for a couple of days devotes at least a chapter of his resultant book to it.

The Eastern man who has made money is much more likely to take his family on a European tour than on a trip through his native country.

[A] Composed September 25, 1803.Published 1815 [This was actually composed the last day of our tour between Dalston and Grasmere.

Fonda says over 17,000 people have registered to see Fire Drill Fridays come to their city, and the rallies were in the process of touring across California before the coronavirus hit.

I didn't think there was anything wrong with touring as an act. I enjoyed singing for 200 people or 200,000, and I've been in those venues.

He will still have to miss touring for the time being, unfortunately.

If you are a Touring Band and want us to play your music on the radio, mail it to us - 715 George St N, Peterborough ON, K9H 3T2 - and write TOURING on the package.

Tour aux coins, turn at the corners, as in the Caledonians, each gentleman turning the lady who stands nearest his left hand, and immediately returning to his own place.

Today thousands of music revellers were seen descending upon Cardiff's 5,000-capacity Motorpoint Arena, to listen to the Stereophonics on their Kind 2020 Tour amid the coronavirus fears.

In the First Month, 1827, they received a "minute" for visiting the meetings in their Monthly Meeting; and in the Second Month they commenced a tour amongst the meetings in some other parts of Yorkshire.

Mirrors of considerable size were first made in Venice; these were engraved with figures and scrolls, and mounted in richly carved and gilt wood frames; and soon afterwards manufactories of mirrors, and of glass, in larger plates than before, were set up in England, near Battersea, and in France at Tour la Ville, near Paris.

j'oubliais, Lร -bas, six grosses tours en pierre de liais.

Nine Inch Nails played the very first Lolapalooza tour alongside Jane's Addiction and other bands.

After your included dinner, experience a holiday lights tour aboard โ€œOllie the Trolleyโ€ and take in the festive lights of Scottsdale at Christmastime.

Two couples take a misguided tour onto the back roads of America in search of a local legend known as Dr. Satan.

In March 1870 he was taken from the prison of Sainte-Pรฉlagie to give evidence at Tours against Pierre Bonaparte for the murder of Victor Noir, where his lucid depositions told greatly against the prisoner.

The medicinal waters of Derbyshire were then in vogue, and a tour towards the wells of Buxton and of Matlock was undertaken.

SATURDAY Dec 20 Ski tour up Frosty Mountain near manning park ski resort.

Josh elevates his tours beyond a checklist of landmarks to make them interactive, social experiences.

Rahul: Is it possible to have a ranger give you a private guided tour within the Banargatta Wildlife Sanctuary?