Which preposition to use with tracking

of Occurrences 887%

Periodically, I had glimpses of a ghostly track of fire that swayed thin and darkly toward the sun-stream; vanished and reappeared.

in Occurrences 155%

A few crackers, in the pockets of each, was all, in the provision line, that we had provided ourselves with, and though, when we saw the moose-tracks in the sand, we had concluded to rough it, for a single night, for the chance of securing such rare game, yet having secured it, that part of our mission was accomplished, and we turned towards home.

for Occurrences 72%

Wisdom is single-track for each man.

to Occurrences 68%

We followed their track to the North Platte, but as they had a start of two days, Major Brown abandoned the pursuit, and returned to Fort McPherson, while I went back to Fort Sedgwick, accompanied by Buntline.

on Occurrences 65%

A dash off the track on one side would be against the mountain, on the other side would be into the river, while the sharp turns seem to invite such a catastrophe.

at Occurrences 43%

To put the matter more concisely, it is just six days since he drove his horse "Creeping Peter" on the track at Monmouth Park, Long Branch.

with Occurrences 33%

" Shade wheeled in his tracks with a swift narrowing of the slate-gray eyes.

through Occurrences 32%

" "Don't track through the parlor.

by Occurrences 32%

Some hours afterward, he had ridden back, taking the track by which he had come, toward Ardrahan.

from Occurrences 28%

Crewe, as he himself modestly put it, was so fortunate as to get on the right track from the start.

over Occurrences 22%

The tragedy of Valley Forge, when the little army nearly starved to death, and literally the soldiers could be tracked over the snows by their bleeding, unshod feet, was not due to lack of clothing and provisions, but to the gross incapacity of a headless government that if it had had the wisdom to act lacked the authority.

between Occurrences 15%

The roadmakers had done an enormous amount of navvy work on the track between Foka and Tahta.

along Occurrences 13%

The whiskey-runner could trace at a road gait the narrow tracks along the winding road.

across Occurrences 10%

When a height of land cuts the landscape, I wonder whether one could find an easy down-grade for the track across the summit.

behind Occurrences 10%

This Daniel had a sister named Rose, who was married in due time to a friend of her brother's,not, indeed, to Spenser, but to a scholar, whose eccentricities have left such durable tracks behind them, that we can trace his mark through many passages of Spenser's love complaints, otherwise unintelligible.

as Occurrences 9%

The captain commenced his innings with a heart-warming leg hit, which sent the ball to the boundary, a wave of legs and arms marking its track as the spectators, with a joyous yell, rolled over one another to escape being hit.

down Occurrences 8%

No, the tracks down the hill were leisurely, not the long strides which a man would make to get close to one whom he had covered with a revolver from a distance.

like Occurrences 7%

They were shot down in their tracks like animals in a pen.

of Occurrences 7%

The closer tracking of the internal secretions leads us into the secrets of the living flame, why it lives, and how it lives, the strange diversities of its colorings and music and the odd variations in its energy, vitality and longevity.

about Occurrences 7%

Suppose he went home, and on thinking things over sent the letter to Scotland Yard with the idea that if the police got on to his tracks about the burglary the fact that he had told us about the murder would show he had nothing to do with killing Sir Horace.

into Occurrences 7%

To the Almohades, the Merias coming from Sahara in Algeria, but in dying out each of these dynasties left each time a little more ground under the hands of the Christians, who, since the time in Telage, when they were tracked into the caverns of Covadonga, had not ceased, in spite of ill fortune of all sorts, to follow the work of deliverance.

around Occurrences 6%

"If I was," he added, "I reckon I'd cover my tracks around saloons with a leetle whisky.

near Occurrences 6%

As she hurried along across the meadow towards the stile, she kept wondering, in spite of herself, if there was any truth in what Nat had said about having seen bear tracks near the house the day before.

toward Occurrences 6%

And they galloped their horses across the track toward the stables.

under Occurrences 6%

He found that a slide had given way, burying a section of track under gravel and rock.

Which preposition to use with  tracking