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Which preposition to use with  tracking

Which preposition to use with tracking

Periodically, I had glimpses of a ghostly track of fire that swayed thin and darkly toward the sun-stream; vanished and reappeared.

A few crackers, in the pockets of each, was all, in the provision line, that we had provided ourselves with, and though, when we saw the moose-tracks in the sand, we had concluded to rough it, for a single night, for the chance of securing such rare game, yet having secured it, that part of our mission was accomplished, and we turned towards home.

Wisdom is single-track for each man.

A dash off the track on one side would be against the mountain, on the other side would be into the river, while the sharp turns seem to invite such a catastrophe.

Crewe, as he himself modestly put it, was so fortunate as to get on the right track from the start.

We followed their track to the North Platte, but as they had a start of two days, Major Brown abandoned the pursuit, and returned to Fort McPherson, while I went back to Fort Sedgwick, accompanied by Buntline.

Shade wheeled in his tracks with a swift narrowing of the slate-gray eyes.

To put the matter more concisely, it is just six days since he drove his horse "Creeping Peter" on the track at Monmouth Park, Long Branch.

The closer tracking of the internal secretions leads us into the secrets of the living flame, why it lives, and how it lives, the strange diversities of its colorings and music and the odd variations in its energy, vitality and longevity.

Some hours afterward, he had ridden back, taking the track by which he had come, toward Ardrahan.

" "Don't track through the parlor."

The tragedy of Valley Forge, when the little army nearly starved to death, and literally the soldiers could be tracked over the snows by their bleeding, unshod feet, was not due to lack of clothing and provisions, but to the gross incapacity of a headless government that if it had had the wisdom to act lacked the authority.

The roadmakers had done an enormous amount of navvy work on the track between Foka and Tahta.

The captain commenced his innings with a heart-warming leg hit, which sent the ball to the boundary, a wave of legs and arms marking its track as the spectators, with a joyous yell, rolled over one another to escape being hit.

They were shot down in their tracks like animals in a pen.

The whiskey-runner could trace at a road gait the narrow tracks along the winding road.

As she hurried along across the meadow towards the stile, she kept wondering, in spite of herself, if there was any truth in what Nat had said about having seen bear tracks near the house the day before.

When a height of land cuts the landscape, I wonder whether one could find an easy down-grade for the track across the summit.

So thought the thousands watching the drama on the track before them.

To the Almohades, the Merias coming from Sahara in Algeria, but in dying out each of these dynasties left each time a little more ground under the hands of the Christians, who, since the time in Telage, when they were tracked into the caverns of Covadonga, had not ceased, in spite of ill fortune of all sorts, to follow the work of deliverance.

He found that a slide had given way, burying a section of track under gravel and rock.

The horses strayed so far back on our tracks during Sunday night that by the time they were brought in it was too late to make a start with advantage, as we were now about to enter a new tract of country, by striking for the coast somewhere between Breaker Inlet and Depuch Island.

"If I was," he added, "I reckon I'd cover my tracks around saloons with a leetle whisky.

This Daniel had a sister named Rose, who was married in due time to a friend of her brother's,not, indeed, to Spenser, but to a scholar, whose eccentricities have left such durable tracks behind them, that we can trace his mark through many passages of Spenser's love complaints, otherwise unintelligible.

"Well, we can't do any high-class tracking in this country," said the youngster grimly.

Perhaps my understanding the full force of this 'gratia' makes me over partial to this wild Missionary; but I have ridden over the same tracks without the tracts, seen the same people, and know that he is true, and I believe that he believes all that he writes to be true."

On May 6, 2011 he leaked a track off his album Soul Punk called "

And they galloped their horses across the track toward the stables.

No, the tracks down the hill were leisurely, not the long strides which a man would make to get close to one whom he had covered with a revolver from a distance.

For a week or more the "Horn o' Plenty" sailed back upon her track towards the city where dwelt the Captain's son.

The same article hoped "that pop's fetish for uniform perfect pitch will fade", commenting that pop-music songs are sounding the same, as "track after track has perfect pitch."

Suppose he went home, and on thinking things over sent the letter to Scotland Yard with the idea that if the police got on to his tracks about the burglary the fact that he had told us about the murder would show he had nothing to do with killing Sir Horace."

He had seen their tracks within a year.

Of course, the first night out is always the worst on a sleeper, and the poor woman is nervous, and when the animal train, in the second section, ran on a side track beside our train of sleepers, and Rajah, the boss lion, got woke up and exploded one of his roars, within six feet of the fat woman's berth, she just gave one yell, and reared up, and came down hard in the berth.

Isuzu's flagship D-Max bakkie sales in South Africa reached a new high in August, with a market share tracking at 17.3% August YTD.

We had intended that, but we thought we should have only one place to watch; now we have found this track up the hill we have two."

Drizzy also hinted at one of the tracks via his Instagram Story as well, posting a gold owl with the word "Greece" underneath.

The Buccaneers look to get back on track against the Panthers.

If any man could track his stolen cattle into another's ground, the latter was obliged to show the tracks out of it, or pay their value [q].

Portage's Mason Elizondo, left, and Danny Puplava stand on the track outside the football field on Monday, August 2, 2020.

The party having thus reached the occupied country travelled by the dray-tracks past Mr. Hay's station Rannes, on the 25th November, and thence by Rawbelle, Boondooma, Tabinga, Nanango, Collinton, Kilkoy, Durandur, and Cabulture stations, reached Brisbane on the 16th December, 1856.

In order to avoid the danger of crossing the tracks, there is a fine foot-bridge, eighteen feet wide, running across the tracks above the reach of the locomotive stacks.

So What is easily the album's standout track due to an excellent part from Young Thug.

It will run also along an imaginary line from the Nelson Mandela Highway running along McNeil Boulevard across a dirt track onto Central Road then to the northern bank of the Rio Cobre.

More power is required to draw a train of cars around a curved track than upon a straight line.

Before us lay a four-mile ride over a devious track among trees which my companion knows by heart.

Featuring four-cylinder Honda models, the series will host events at six oval race tracks throughout Atlantic Canada in their nine-race season.

We can track until doomsday an' he'll always know where we are."

Here, using clonal tracking by retroviral integration, we analyzed in situ the propensity of individual hESCs to contribute to different functional assays.

Certain leading companies such as Spireon are looking beyond simply fleet tracking for compliance reasons, logistics, and asset monitoring.

A proposal by German Health Minister Jens Spahn to allow individual smartphone tracking without a judicial order was blocked by the Social Democrats (SPD), the junior partner in Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition.

And it is small wonder after this, that scant and sparse were the jests played on the grim master of the Wolfsberg, or that the bay of a blood-hound tracking on the downs frightened the most stout-hearted rider in all that retinue of dare-devils.

Marketing Events API:add performance tracking to your marketing apps creating better marketing results for merchants, and higher app usage and retention rates for your business.

It delivers all the same features as the Inspire HR, including all day activity tracking, advanced sleep tracking with sleep score, exercise modes, female health tracking and smartphone notifications.

Git allows you to easily check which files are tracked/un-tracked inside a staging area.

At the midpoint the exploration is completed and the camera repeats its tracking over the imagery.

Examples above are just that no one specific site is more vulnerable to tracking than the other.

Presently after their landing, and before they were refreshed, they pushed companies out to occupy the railroad-track beyond the town.

Before I could say, my boys had found an overpriced flag-selling kiosk, wrapped themselves in colorful banners and begun parading the track alongside the Italian children.

Far down on the tracks below trains would go scurrying by; now and then a slow freight would challenge our competition; trainmen would look up curiously; occasionally an engineer would sound a note of defiance or a blast of victory with his whistle.

The Duterte regime has also stepped up its authoritarian rule to suppress the growing criticism and dissent over this widely unpopular policy fast-tracking amid the utter failure to effectively respond to the pandemic.

Complete Time Tracking as a stop watch to keep track of when work begins and ends.

He was relieved to find the place utterly bare except for a sort of car or truck which ran around the room on a track beneath a row of square doors.

We were now enabled to proceed with the tracking up of the horses left overnight, which, after resting some hours, had commenced to ramble in search of water; Mr. Brown returning on our route and recovering the saddles and firearms left the previous evening, the stores abandoned the day before being too far off to attempt their recovery.

A pistol shot might ring out just before the rise of the curtain: a man (or woman) might be discovered in an otherwise empty room, weltering in his (or her) gore: and the remainder of the play might consist in the tracking down of the murderer, who would, of course, prove to be the very last person to be suspected.