Which preposition to use with trading

in Occurrences 737%

Then came the British trade in the East Indies, and the gradual growth of the trade of France, Germany, England, and the United States.

with Occurrences 630%

He brings cargoes from Cuba and Ceylon, trades with Japan and Hawaii, and the Asiatic isles.

of Occurrences 628%

There was the Spanish colonial trade; the Dutch trade of the East Indies; the trade of Amsterdam and London.

to Occurrences 162%

Three weeks later I heard that Muckle John was destined for the Plantations in a ship of Mr. Barclay of Urie's, which traded to New Jersey.

for Occurrences 129%

But his trade is not trade for the sake of money!

between Occurrences 127%

The clergy were getting their disillusioned parishioners back to the fold beneath the Union Jack; while Jean Ba'tis'e himself was fain to admit that his own ways of life and the money he got for his goods were very much safer with les Angla's than with the revolutionists, whom he called les Bastonna's because most trade between Quebec and the Thirteen Colonies was carried on by vessels hailing from the port of Boston.

on Occurrences 96%

The clothing and blankets brought in by the Hudson's Bay Company they claim are much better than those traded on their own river by the Americans.

in Occurrences 90%

She only takes a few podsand only those extreme few that my boys don't consider worthy of picking or trading in your name.

from Occurrences 81%

The personal touch is needed; your manager must be known by the company's friends, and its antagonists, who would not hesitate to snatch our trade from a stranger.

as Occurrences 71%

But in a restricted sense, we think of trade as the exchange of produce which is material and mobile,which may be touched, handled, weighed, transported, bought, and sold.

at Occurrences 71%

If that Deekin, who trades at one of our grocery stores, and helps himself to ten cents worth of tobacker while buyin' one cents worth of pipes, will devide up his custom, it would be doing the square thing by the man who has kept him in tobacker for several years.

by Occurrences 66%

I sold all my household goods by public auction, and joined a company of merchants who traded by sea, embarking with them at Balsora in a ship which we had fitted out between us.

with Occurrences 47%

I often make more money in a day trading with the Indians in furs, fish, and cord-wood, than I made in my whole experience as a prospector and miner.

under Occurrences 22%

I hold, though no enthusiastick patriot, that every man, who lives and trades under the protection of a community, is obliged to consider, whether he hurts or benefits those who protect him; and that the most which can be indulged to private interest, is a neutral traffick, if any such can be, by which our country is not injured, though it may not be benefited.

within Occurrences 22%

As yet, indeed, the little boroughs were for the most part busy in fighting for the most elementary of libertiesfor freedom of trade within the town, for permission to hold a market, for leave to come and go freely to some great fair, for the right to buy and sell in some neighbouring borough, for liberty to carry out their own justice and regulate the affairs of their town.

into Occurrences 21%

What remains, but that he suffer that disorder to proceed no farther, that he resolutely examine all the transactions which he has hitherto overlooked, that he repair those errours which are yet retrievable, and reduce his trade into method; that he doom those servants, by whom he has been robbed or deceived, to the punishment which they deserve, and recover from them that wealth which they have accumulated by rapacity and fraud.

than Occurrences 15%

Nor do I see how it is possible to employ our power more effectually for the protection of our trade than by the method now pursued of covering the ocean with our fleets, and stationing our ships of war in every place where danger can be apprehended.

among Occurrences 13%

An old doctor observed, "The English are not more humane than other nations, but God has decreed that they should destroy the slave-trade among the Christians.

between Occurrences 13%

In this system the Commander-in-Chief, Grand Fleet, fixed upon a number of alternative routes between Norway and the Shetland Islands, which were used by all vessels trading between Scandinavia and Allied countries.

without Occurrences 13%

I could go about the country in my ordinary way of trade without exciting suspicion, and my house was to be the rendezvous of every man on the list who wanted news or guidance.

against Occurrences 11%

Consequently measures for the defence of the Allied trade against the new menace depended on our own production.

like Occurrences 9%

Even in a trade like the Lancashire cotton trade, where there is free competition among the various firms, a rapid change in the produce market may often raise the profits of the trade, so that all or nearly all the employing firms could afford to pay higher wages without running any risk of failure.

along Occurrences 9%

This had always been a favorite range for them, and in 1874 they were noticed and reported on by Government expeditions which passed through the country, and the hunters and trappers who about that time plied their trade along that river found them abundant.

after Occurrences 9%

" Before the next measure, or the bill to prevent the sailing of any new vessel in the trade after the 1st of August, was publicly disclosed, it was suggested to him, that the session was nearly over; that he might possibly weary both Houses by another motion on the subject; and that, if he were to lose it, or to experience a diminution of his majorities in either, he might injure the cause, which was then in the road to triumph.

throughout Occurrences 9%

"Signed and sealed on behalf of the Society in England for abolishing Slavery and the Slave Trade throughout the world.

Which preposition to use with  trading