Which preposition to use with travellers

in Occurrences 196%

A warmer welcome was never extended to a traveller in a strange land.

of Occurrences 68%

For there was not one of the Wolverines who did not expect from this aimless traveller of desert seas at the least a leading clue to the riddle that oppressed them.

on Occurrences 57%

But the travellers on the ice-raft went by laughing and joking at the men safe on shore with their tents and provisions.

from Occurrences 49%

Our countrymen at home are frequently perplexed by the apparent contradictions of a traveller from the East, when describing the characters and manners of the inhabitants of Hindostan.

to Occurrences 45%

Two days afterwards, another paragraph appeared in the same paper, in these words: "We are credibly informed, that the supposed diamond of the famous traveller to the Moon, turns out to be one of those which are found on Diamond Island, in Lake George.

with Occurrences 40%

The words which Richard spoke below, As sounds by nature upwards go, Were to the sky-lark carried; The airy traveller with surprise To hear his sayings, in the skies On his mid journey tarried.

by Occurrences 29%

The rocks were more cruel than imagination could conceive,sometimes pointed and sharp like knives, sometimes smooth and upright as a wall with no hold for the climber, sometimes moving under the touch, with stones that rolled and crushed the bleeding feet; and though the solid masses were distinguishable from the lighter darkness of the air, yet it could only be in groping that the travellers by that way could find where any foothold was.

at Occurrences 25%

" Tree-worship too has been more or less prevalent among the American Indians, abundant illustrations of which have been given by travellers at different periods.

for Occurrences 20%

He set out as a rider or traveller for a wholesale house, in which capacity he tells of many hair-breadth escapes that befell him,one especially, how he rode a mad horse into the town of Devizes; how horse and rider arrived in a foam, to the utter consternation of the expostulating hostlers, inn-keepers, etc.

like Occurrences 15%

"The landlord took our part, and declared it was hard enough on simple travellers like ourselves to be stopped in such a way, and that Russia was the only country in Europe which was rigid in that respect.

as Occurrences 14%

The peculiar quietness and ease with which the Mahommedans say their prayers, struck the travellers as one of the most peculiar characteristics which they had yet witnessed of that people.

through Occurrences 14%

The post-chaise whirled the traveller through the most delightful home scenery his eyes had ever lighted on.

between Occurrences 6%

At no great distance from me was the mouth of one of the mines, from which came an indication of subterranean lights; and I perceived that the flying figures which I had taken for travellers between one city and another were in reality wayfarers endeavoring to keep clear of what seemed a sort of press-gang at the openings.

into Occurrences 5%

It was full of pits and quagmires, partly covered with weeds and mosses, where the green surface often betrayed the traveller into a gulf of black, smothering mud; there were also dark and stagnant pools, the abodes of the tadpole, the bull-frog, and the water-snake, where the trunks of pines and hemlocks lay half-drowned, half-rotting, looking like alligators sleeping in the mire.

among Occurrences 5%

The traveller among the Highlanders feels as secure and is made as comfortable as in any part of the island; while revelations of their shrewd intelligence and unsuspected wit, in the stories of Barrie and Crockett, show what a century of Calvinistic theologyas the chief mental stimulanthas done in developing blossoms from that thistle-like stock.

across Occurrences 4%

The numerous clumps of hollies in Needwood-forest serve as landmarks to direct the travellers across it in various directions; and as a shelter to the deer and cattle in winter; and in scarce seasons supply them with much food.

after Occurrences 4%

There are a great number of trees about this town and they afford a great relief to the eye of the traveller after so many hours' journey thro' volcanic wastes.

up Occurrences 3%

The valley, deepening and narrowing, became a gorge, the beginning of that long series of fissures in the metamorphic and secondary rocks which, crossing an extensive tract of Languedoc and Guyenne, leads the traveller up to the Cevennes Mountains, through scenery as wild and beautiful as any that can be found in France, and perhaps in Europe.

in Occurrences 3%

" Ford, Handbook for Travellers in Spain.

under Occurrences 3%

Here we were again detained by the guard making great difficulty in allowing the boatman to take passengers without a permit, which could only be obtained in the town, so strict and perplexing are the regulations for travellers under the new government.

over Occurrences 3%

This fragile film of black and white, A traveller over land and sea, Is all the bond I have to-night Between the friend I loved and me.

during Occurrences 2%

The chief of these, of course, concerned the conveyance of air sufficient for the needs of the traveller during the period of his journey.

down Occurrences 2%

Intelligence as to the company at Wiesbaden and Ems, and of the persons of eminence, particularly English, who pass through Coblentz, of the travellers down the Rhine, and such topics, are very interesting to us.

within Occurrences 2%

The nobles were also required to guard the roads "from sunrise to sunset," and they were made responsible for robberies committed upon travellers within their domains.

along Occurrences 2%

Not, indeed, as to its breadth, make, and material, for they, contrary to the wont of West India roads, are as good as they would be in England, but on account of the quaint travellers along it, and the quaint sights which are to be seen over every hedge.

Which preposition to use with  travellers