Which preposition to use with  trembling

Which preposition to use with trembling

He told them they must revel in the delights of the scene, and should tremble with the wild rapture of drawing from the rushing waters the bounding trout.

In that awful moment, when her life or death was trembling in the balance, her mother love, that divine instinct implanted in every woman's breast, came to her and saved her.

Alas, I tremble at the sight of him.

For no one knows except the Father how the battle will turn, or when it will all be accomplished; and there are some who tremble for our little brethren.

She went into the silent room, which was so familiar and dear, and waited like a mother long separated from her child, with a faint doubt trembling on the surface of her mind, yet a quaint, joyful confidence underneath in the force of nature.

I trembled from head to foot, and, though burning with impatience to obtain from them farther particulars, it was some moments before I could trust myself to speak.

Crop was as much astonished as I was, and he crept to my feet and trembled like a coward, as he crouched beside them.

I noticed as he did so the nervous trembling of his hand.

He is infinitely severe as well as infinitely mercifulthat, while we may come boldly to His throne of grace to find help and mercy in time of need, we must, at the same time, tremble before His throne of justiceif you want a proof of all this, I say, then look at the Epistle and the Gospel for this day.

Swiftly, she threw off the covers, jumped out of bed, and with her limbs trembling under her, ran to the door and softly turned the key in the lock.

Thus presently forth from Belsaye rode the Duchess Helen, with Sir Hacon beside her and many of the townsfolk, hasting pale-cheeked and trembling to minister unto the hurt and dying, and many there were that day who sighed out their lives in blessings on her head.

Sometimes, when he looked out, it was a simple, quiet, thoughtful night that met his gaze, without any moon, but as full of stars as it could hold, all flashing and trembling through the dew that was slowly sinking down the air to settle upon the earth and its thousand living things below.

" Under ordinary circumstances I would have been conscious of a certain chill along my spine, and felt my knees trembling beneath me at the certainty of soon being engaged in a life or death struggle; but after my experience as a prisoner there was but

Now, looking within her glowing eyes, feeling the tremble of her passionate-pleading hands, Beltane bowed his head.

I felt the deepest pity, not so much for the fear with which she still trembled as for the agony of terror she must have previously endured.

you know it as well as I." The little Pilgrim made no reply, but stood by, looking at her charge, not feeling that anything was given her to say,and she was so new to this work, that there was a little trembling in her, lest she should not do everything as she ought.

She slammed the door, and coming back into the room, sank weak and trembling into a chair.

And now, even as she trembled against him, so trembled Beltane also yet knew not why; therefore of a sudden he turned and stepped into the chamber.

She wound her arms round him, trembling between the suppressed hysteria of tears and laughter.

His eyes danced with a furious light and motion, and the fringy moustache trembled over his thin and sensitive mouth.

Downstairs Pompey began to sing, "Shall we meet beyond the river, Where the surges cease to roll, Where in all the bright forever Sorrow ne'er shall press the soul?" The rich vibrations rolled up and trembled about her.

Is it not well known that we must all appear before the judgment-seat of God?" There words seemed to cause a trembling on the still air, and the woman on the other side raised herself suddenly up, clasping her hands and some of those who had just entered heard the words, and came and crowded about the little Pilgrim, some standing, some falling down upon their knee, all with their faces turned towards her.

In certain circumstances, to lay violent hands upon a man is to lay them upon Right, and those who dare to do so are made to tremble by outraged Law.

Its movements have been felt trembling along the far-reaching line of our analysis with a certainty hardly inferior to ocular demonstration."

It was as when you lift a wreck from the tranquil sea and let it fall again to the depths, useless to wave or shore; the black and ghastly hulk is covered; it is seen no more; but the water palpitates with circling rings, trembles above the grave, dashes quick and apprehensive billows upon the sand, and is long in regaining its quiet surface.

Not a leaf trembled; for if one had trembled near him he would have heard it whisper in that profound stillness that made him hold his breath to listen.

He stood a long, long time, uttering no exclamation, then hurried on, leaving a half-frightened and very thankful little girl trembling among the leaves of the blackberry vines.

So she does Ed, who comes a year or two behind Bill, and is trembling out of bashful boyhood.

On going to and examining it, I found it to be a kind of grass in bloom, hardly a foot high, with but few green blades, and a fine spreading panicle of purple flowers, a shallow, purplish mist trembling around me.

He laid strong siege to Leyla's heart and then Awaited trembling at the trysting-place.

Then we might all be living happily together, Mere, without trembling lest news of some sad misfortune should reach us, from hour to hour.

just budding into womanly loveliness, whose heart, for the last ten minutes, has been trembling behind the snowy wall of thy fair and beautiful bosom, hast thou never remarked and laughed at a tall and much-be-whiskered young man for the mauvaise honte with which he hands to thee thy cup of half-watered souchong?

how they thronged to the spot where he was expected to speak,as the Scotch people thronged to Edinboro' and Glasgow to hear Gladstone: "And when they saw his chariot but appear, Did they not make an universal shout, That Tiber trembled underneath her banks To hear the replication of their sounds Made in her concave shores?"

"for the voice of the wicked, &c., and their hate: his heart trembled within him, and the terrors of death came upon him; fear and horrible fear," &c., and Psal.

Yes, thine, who, blind erewhile, Now trembling towards the new-found light dost flee, Leave doubting, and look up with trustful smile.

Then the two actors hurried once more into position; the stage was cleared by a whispered peremptory order; the bell rung once, the tent trembling with some one whisking further out of sight behind it,twice, and the curtain rose upon "Consolation."

A Sicilian tradition identifies the tree as a tamarisk, and a Russian proverb, in allusion to the aspen, tells us "there is an accursed tree which trembles without even a breath of wind."

Passion, the lust for revenge, the bully streak in him that gloated at the sight of some one young and fine trembling before him: all these were factors contributing to the same end.

And when all the host had heard how Holofernes was beheaded, counsel and mind flew from them, and with great trembling for succor began to flee, in such wise that none would speak with other, but with their heads bowed down fled for to escape from the Hebrews, whom they saw armed coming upon them, and departed fleeing by fields and ways of hills and valleys.

Here reason is for the time dethroned, while at some times wild and frantic, or at others a low, mumbling delirium occurs, with a marked trembling from terror and exhaustion.

Her fingers communicated a nervous trembling to the plates and forks, and she looked at her son with tragic commiseration as though she foresaw terrible troubles about to burst upon his head.

Charteris inhaled, lazily; yet, he did not like the trembling about Patricia's mouth.

A fear Fell like a shadow dim upon her heart, A trembling as at something ghostly near; But she was bold, for they were not to part.

But his confidence was so shaken, his morale so impaired by Lanyard's sublime effrontery added to his recent shocking experience, that the gaunt hands trembled beyond his control, and it was several seconds before he succeeded.

He endeavoured to soothe her by his embraces; but she turned away her head, and fled trembling towards her mother.

Their instruments were various in their kind, Some for the bow, and some for breathing wind; The sawtry, pipe, and hautboy's noisy band, And the soft lute trembling beneath the touching hand.

But with that he fell to trembling throughout his entire body, for he began to bethink him who that madman was.

[Illustration: "YOU CALL YOURSELF JUDITH, YET HERE I SEE YOUR NAME WRIT MOLL."] Poor Moll, sick with a night of sorrow and terrified by the wise woman's divining powers, could make no answer; but soon Fitch, taking less heed of her tremble than of mine, regards her hand again.

Peter's only answer was an ironical laugh, and he once more resumed his homeward journey, leaving Mike standing pale and trembling beside the hedge.

It was a simple tale, with few, few facts; A life that clomb one mountain and looked forth; Then sudden sank to a low dreary plain, And wandered ever in the sound of waves, Till fear and fascination overcame, And led her trembling into life and joy.