Which preposition to use with trilled

of Occurrences 20%

Hence, to the foot of the cañon, the metamorphic slates give place to granite, whose nobler sculpture calls forth expressions of corresponding beauty from the stream in passing over it,bright trills of rapids, booming notes of falls, solemn hushes of smooth-gliding sheets, all chanting and blending in glorious harmony.

in Occurrences 7%

The atmosphere was warm and blue, and a blackbird trilled in the garden; everything seemed to live in happiness.

from Occurrences 5%

Everywhere love songs trilled from the underbrush; and Bennington de Laney, as young, as full of life, as unmated as they, rode slowly along thinking of his lady love, and "Hullo!

like Occurrences 4%

After indulging here in a dozing, shimmering lake-rest, the happy stream sets forth again, warbling and trilling like an ouzel, ever delightfully confiding, no matter how dark the way; leaping, gliding, hither, thither, clear or foaming: manifesting the beauty of its wildness in every sound and gesture.

with Occurrences 4%

The morning was yet young when my Beltane fared forth into the world, a joyous, golden morning trilling with the glad song of birds and rich with a thousand dewy scents; a fair, sweet, joyous world it was indeed, whose glories, stealing in at eye and ear, filled him with their gladness.

to Occurrences 2%

and the sweets are free Wilt thou trill to the touch of outwearied fingers?

into Occurrences 1%

The song has trilled into silence, The flower is faded and gone, The book's strong story is ended,

on Occurrences 1%

The little white-throated sparrows came familiarly about the palm cabins and whitewashed houses and trilled on the rooftrees.

without Occurrences 1%

A moment more, an instant's pause, and Cordova had begun Lucia's song again at the beginning, and her marvellous trills and staccato notes, and trills again, trills upon trills without end, filled the vast darkness and stopped those four thousand men and women, spellbound and silent, and ashamed too.

Which preposition to use with  trilled