Which preposition to use with turfs

of Occurrences 29%

At the opposite end, closing the central aisle, was a low narrow platform raised by two steps carved out of the natural rock, but inlaid with jewellery imitating closely the variegated turf of a real garden.

with Occurrences 24%

For me indeed the Downs, long as I have known them, remain most dear as a spectacle, but this you will miss altogether if you are actually upon them, lost amid their rolling waves of green turf with only the sky and the wind and the sun for companions.

in Occurrences 17%

Nor is the sustenance and nutrition of the animal kingdom the only function these minute productions may perform; they may also be the purifiers of the vitiated atmosphere, and thus execute in the Antarctic latitudes the office of our trees and grass turf in the temperate regions, and the broad leaves of the palm, &c., in the tropics."

at Occurrences 16%

The door of this den had no lock, and opened on the piece of waste turf at the back of the building.

on Occurrences 12%

He had even wished to get to them, to tread their beautiful blue summits that looked as if they would be soft to his feetsofter than the moist springy turf on the plain; but he wished it only as one wishes to get to some far-off impossible placea white cloud, for instance, or the blue sky itself.

to Occurrences 8%

Coal-black Africans, ruddy Pathans and yellow Bukharans squat on the open turf to the west of the Victoria and Albert Museum; Mughals in long loose coats and white arch-fronted turbans wander about smoking cigars and chatting volubly, while Bombay Memons in gold turbans or gold-brocade skullcaps, embroidered waistcoats and long white shirts stand on guard over their romping children.

by Occurrences 7%

Coming in sight of Wades Mill, in Hertfordshire, I sat down disconsolate on the turf by the roadside and held my horse.

beneath Occurrences 7%

The snow shall be their winding sheet, And every turf beneath their feet Shall be a soldier's sepulcher.

above Occurrences 5%

Hardly had the mountain violet Spread its blossoms on the sod, Ere they laid the turf above thee, And thy spirit rose to God.

for Occurrences 4%

One man, at a little distance, was busy cutting a long turf for it, with the crooked spade which is used in Sky; a very aukward instrument.

around Occurrences 4%

The turf around our pavilion fairly blazed with the splendor of the yellow daisies and crimson poppies that stud it.

from Occurrences 3%

It is said that, in some parts of Italy, a species of stone is used for this purpose, which is described as being of two different kinds; the one is found in the chalk hills near Naples, and has a white, porous, stalactical appearance; the other is a hardened turf from some volcanic mountains near Florence.

between Occurrences 3%

Through this he passed, no longer running, but striding over the springy, turf between the budding beech saplings at a pace that soon took him into the heart of the woodland.

without Occurrences 2%

Not a rabbit could have crossed the turf without being seen; but there was nothing.

beyond Occurrences 2%

Stir yourself, Staffy, and throw your eye on that turf beyond in the corner.

into Occurrences 2%

The fore legs of my horse, however, had gone through the turf into the hot, thin mud beneath.

under Occurrences 2%

Linnet searched through parlor and hall, then out on the piazza, then looked through the front yard, and, finally, having explored the garden, found Marjorie and her friend in camp-chairs on the soft green turf under the low hanging boughs of an apple-tree behind the house.

before Occurrences 1%

But had you observed carefully you would have noticed that each spasm was caused by a rolling ball, wobbling its erratic way across the turf before them.

within Occurrences 1%

"The Happy Family" turned up to a man, and encamped en masse upon the turf within twenty yards of the pavilion.

near Occurrences 1%

Tayoga made a circle about three hundred yards in diameter about them, but finding no hostile sign came back and lay on the turf near them.

as Occurrences 1%

I think that it was through such a turf as this that the fore legs of my horse and my right hand were plunged.[T]

along Occurrences 1%

He laid down turf along its banks in some parts, and sowed grass and daisy-seed in others; and when he found a pretty stone or shell, or bit of coloured glass or bright crockery or broken mirror, he would always throw it in, that the water might have the prettier path to run upon.

over Occurrences 1%

It can then be imagined with what a stab of pain this first doubt struck me, and with what haste I smothered it up, buried it, and smoothed the turf over its grave.

through Occurrences 1%

We climbed the steps with the soap-stone slide at one side, and then walked on briskly over the springy turf through the hillocks of the covered quarry-heaps and the ruins of the deserted cottages.

against Occurrences 1%

With the knife a shallow grave was opened close to the stone whereon old Jonas Whipple taunted the living that they were but mortal, and in it they laid the pigtail to its last rest, patting the earth above it and replacing the turf against possible ghouls.

Which preposition to use with  turfs