Which preposition to use with unsuited

to Occurrences 94%

Gentlemen, I say, I hope if my simple views should be found widely different from yours, you will not impute it to a presumption which is as foreign to my nature as it would be unsuited to your merits.

for Occurrences 15%

The monk thereupon returned to Marmoutier, and choosing four others, brought them to England; but finding the actual battlefield unsuited for a monastery, since there was no water there, he designed to build lower down towards the west.

in Occurrences 2%

It is here that we may trace Shakespeare's appreciation of pastoral, as a delicate colouring, an old-world fragrance, a flower from wild hedgerows or cultured garden, a thing of grace and beauty, to be gathered, enjoyed, and forgotten, unsuited in its evanescent charm to be the serious business of art or life.

to Occurrences 1%

"Leave then thy joys, unsuiting to such age:"Or, "Leave then thy joys not suiting such an age, To a fresh comer, and resign the stage.

Which preposition to use with  unsuited