Which preposition to use with uselessness

of Occurrences 101%

I had plenty of ammunition, and I thought to give the brutes such a lesson, as should show them the uselessness of attempting to force an entrance.

as Occurrences 3%

Next to its stupid massiveness what most impressed us this day was its utter uselessness as a protection.

in Occurrences 2%

Often we see the tacit recognition of its uselessness in an old gate shoved back to its farthest, and left standing so till the very grass roots have embanked themselves on each side of it, and it can never again be closed without digging away the sods in which it is wedged.

among Occurrences 1%

'But now that the worst has happened, let us meet the consequences like menyou, like men raised and prostrated by such things as cauliflower, sweet potatoes, and hay, washed down by the water which flows in all its glistening uselessness among the hop-toads and mud-turtles of Oggsouash Creek; and me, like men that pick the hindleg of an ox at a sittin' and make the spirits in Peg-leg's place go down like the approach of Arctic breezes.

than Occurrences 1%

She took care of him for three weeks, at the end of which time Pete arose, renewed, refreshed, and more full of determined uselessness than ever.

Which preposition to use with  uselessness