Which preposition to use with vehicle

of Occurrences 190%

"The hînayâna is the simplest vehicle of salvation, corresponding to the first of the three degrees of saintship."

for Occurrences 88%

It is a vehicle for loose-thinking people, it is fraught with unconsidered general meanings, it moves in a region of mental mists.

in Occurrences 49%

Some carriages dashed along, upsetting the smaller vehicles in their way, without the least restraint or order, either, as it seemed, from their own good sense or from the laws and customs of the place.

with Occurrences 16%

She jumped on and off moving vehicles with the alertness, if not the unconsciousness, of the expert male.

on Occurrences 15%

We are like a vehicle on the top of a hill, which, the moment it is pushed beyond the point of resistance, rolls down of itself, without the aid of horses.

at Occurrences 12%

These vehicles at work to-day are only the forerunners of what many conservative makers believe will be the great body of the business.

by Occurrences 8%

He was the vehicle by which was brought accurate knowledge.

from Occurrences 8%

This is to prevent motor-lorries and such-like vehicles from entering French territory without our permission.

to Occurrences 7%

When he took his place in the stagecoach he had the whole interior of the vehicle to himself, and thus continued to be its solitary occupant for several miles.

as Occurrences 6%

No such thing, however, was to be had, and they would have been happy if they could have engaged as good a vehicle as their old crazy tarantas; for the only alternative was a bauer-wagen (peasant's cart), if we except the very expensive extra-post carriage, with which they would have been obliged to take a conductor.

without Occurrences 4%

"He'll jest about come to hisself befo' he dies," the older conspirator muttered to Shade as the stretcher passed them, and the skilled, white-jacketed attendants laid Pros Passmore in the vehicle without so much as disturbing his breathing.

through Occurrences 4%

He was the vehicle through whom the will of Allah was revealed.

near Occurrences 3%

He dismissed the vehicle near an uptown corner and started to walk hastily toward Danny Reeves's restaurant, a block away, Patsy was standing in the doorway, anxiously watching for him.

than Occurrences 3%

The street itself was almost more perilous to vehicles than the slush of the forest-tracks, so deep were the holes and so uncertain the surface.

after Occurrences 3%

The rolling of the lumbering old vehicle after six hours had rendered me sleepy, I think, for I recollect closing my eyes and conjuring up that strange scene on board the Lola.

about Occurrences 2%

He paid the driver, who immediately turned the vehicle about, and drove away.

up Occurrences 2%

We retraced our way, and after five days of alternate travelling and road-making, ascended a mountain so steep that six and eight yoke of oxen were required to draw each vehicle up the grade, and most careful handling of the teams was necessary to keep the wagons from toppling over as the straining cattle zigzaged to the summit.

over Occurrences 2%

Large trees which have fallen across the road, frequently intercept your passage, and you have no alternative but to lift the wheels of the vehicle over them.

during Occurrences 2%

Mahomet conceived himself also as the sole vehicle during his lifetime and after his death for the commands of the Most High.

under Occurrences 1%

My baggage, consisting of two petarahs (native leather trunks) containing uniform and clothing, was deposited on the roof of the vehicle under charge of my bearer, but the loot I had acquired, I had safely stowed in a despatch-box, which was placed under my pillow in the interior of the carriage.

off Occurrences 1%

England before the war was a paradise of ancient usuries; everywhere were great houses and enclosed parks; the multitude of gentlemen's servants and golf clubs and such like excrescences of the comfort of prosperous people was perpetually increasing; it did not "pay" to build labourers' cottages, and the more expensive sort of automobile had driven the bicycle as a pleasure vehicle off the roads.

along Occurrences 1%

He fancied it might be merely the passage of some heavy vehicle along the main road.

outside Occurrences 1%

The train from Euston had just drawn up in Windermere Station, and John Fenwick, carrying his bag, was making his way among the vehicles outside the station, inquiring whether any one was going in the direction of Great Langdale, who could give him a lift.

like Occurrences 1%

He got down from the vehicle like a man half-awake, and as if the effort hurt him.

out Occurrences 1%

When a start was made, the little police force hustled vehicles out of the way and even stopped tram-cars when necessary; while the band tortured selections from Handel and Beethoven to the intense delight of passers-by, many of whom paused to criticise shortcomings in the procession among themselves.

Which preposition to use with  vehicle