Which preposition to use with  vulnerability

Which preposition to use with vulnerability

The great force of the German Château-Thierry offensive established the deep Marne salient, but the enemy was taking chances, and the vulnerability of this pocket to attack might be turned to his disadvantage.

Boris Larin, the Kaspersky security researcher that reported the CVE-2020-1380 vulnerability to Microsoft that was published more details on the bug today.

In the regard to its double entendre, Grigg noted, "but at the same time, there's a vulnerability in it that's, like, so sweet for girls.

Maybe it’s time to show some vulnerability on the dating apps.

Against this backdrop of deep coronavirus vulnerability at home, Modi incurs significant risksin terms of potential economic, public health, and political costsif he accords too much policy space to global responses.

It’s not only pinpointing the vulnerabilities throughout the community and the ways in which we are not prepared," Lutz said, but also lifting up the ways we are prepared and identifying the things we hold as high value in Bemidji and the broader area.

For me, this is inclusiontogether, we break down the walls and we welcome one another, exposing our vulnerabilities with respect, understanding and acceptance.

It also suggests the use of vulnerability management tools to scan all virtual appliances for vulnerabilities before use.

THE SKIN The skin is influenced in its color, moisture, hairiness, texture, fat content and disease vulnerability by the endocrines.

Mike Haley says he expects the number of ID thefts to be even higher this year and next as criminals look to exploit people's vulnerabilities during the coronavirus pandemic.

He finds a political organization that has been driven and represented by a single person for almost 15 years, leaving a potential vulnerability for whoever fills her shoes.

The overall goal of this paper is to raise awareness and encourage support for designation of Temperature-Sensitive Streams in British Columbia, especially in light of the potential for increased thermal vulnerability due to climate change.

It is not uncommon to look to the critical vulnerabilities as the most concerning, but many of the vulnerabilities that end up being exploited are rated as important vs. critical.