Which preposition to use with waiting

for Occurrences 6948%

When he was interrupted in a speech he used to stand perfectly still with folded arms, waiting for a few minutes' silence.

on Occurrences 1075%

An hungered, to the shore I creep, Perchance some comfort waits on me From the old Sea's eternal heart; But lo! from all the solemn deep, Far voices out of mystery Seem questioning why we are apart!

in Occurrences 886%

I came in rather late one afternoon while the negotiations were going on, and was told by the servants that M. Leon Say was waiting in W.'s library to see him.

at Occurrences 427%

I was walking about the Champs-Elysees and Faubourg St. Honore on the morning of the 16th of May, and saw all the carriages, our own included, waiting at the Ministry of the Interior, where the conseil was sitting.

with Occurrences 322%

We were quite seven or eight minutes late and found all the company assembled (except the Annamites, who were waiting with their interpreter in another room to make their entry in proper style).

until Occurrences 241%

I waited until night came

by Occurrences 48%

Then the crowd forced them on and they found Duveen waiting by the car.

without Occurrences 41%

That's why wewe're waiting without saying much, till it looks more likelike we can all be together, ma.

about Occurrences 32%

"Certainly, certainly," said the other, "and I am just waiting about here until they put in a wheat crop on part of the land.

outside Occurrences 29%

When the interview was over he found the Queen's faithful Scotch retainer, John Brown, who always accompanied her everywhere, waiting outside the door, evidently hoping to see the minister.

before Occurrences 27%

After a feast among his villagers, he would wait before going away until the old men had left.

to Occurrences 27%

But the feeling called out in each case was the sameLoyalty, spontaneous, contagious, some would say unreasoning: but it may be all the deeper and nobler, because for once it did not wait to reason, but was content to be human, and to feel.

behind Occurrences 23%

Even in its more healthy forms, when delayed in too long, patriotism easily becomes morbid and delays also the birth of the larger spirit which is waiting behind it.

near Occurrences 23%

The youngest one took them and put them into his game-bag, and then he added, "Wait near the city till I come back.

beside Occurrences 21%

A few minutes later Steinmetz, presenting himself at the door of the little drawing-room attached to Etta's suite of rooms, found the princess in a matchless tea-gown waiting beside a table laden with silver tea appliances.

under Occurrences 21%

Well, it showered twice just as day was breaking, and I had to wait under a tree till it was over.

through Occurrences 19%

Patient I wait through the long winter hours; You will see me again I shall laugh at you then, Out of the eyes of a hundred flowers.

like Occurrences 19%

Then, at least, I should have known my danger, and been able to meet it; but to wait like this, through a whole night, picturing all kinds of unknown devilment, was to jeopardize one's sanity.

as Occurrences 17%

" These women, however, are not all as patient in waiting as Elsa.

to Occurrences 15%

Alla was pensive all through the first act, and while she was making her change from a lady-in-waiting to a bathing girl she remarked that she was going to write an odepast tense of I

of Occurrences 14%

All Warchester poured out to the Holly Hills, and when at five o'clock the companies filed out on the shining green there was such a cheer that the men felt repaid for the tiresome wait of months.

for Occurrences 14%

And she had kept her innocence unsullied like a fruit which no hand has touched, thanks, no doubt, to her unconscious and religious waiting for the coming of lovethat profound feminine feeling which made her reserve the gift of her whole being for the man whom she should love.

after Occurrences 13%

There were a number of other men in the rather large congregation, but none of them stirred as the clergyman stood waiting after having read several offertory sentences.

around Occurrences 12%

he told Ann, who was waiting around the corner of the house.

within Occurrences 10%

His cabin shall be bright with flowers sweet, The table shall be set, the fire shall glow, We'll wait within the door, his coming steps to greet, And if my eye be sad, he will not know Oh, baby, sleep, my baby, sleep.

Which preposition to use with  waiting