Which preposition to use with ward

of Occurrences 150%

Who are the suffering persons represented in DORE'S remarkable picture of DANTE and VIRGIL visiting the frozen ward of the Inferno? Answer.

in Occurrences 58%

The surgical ward in the new Hospital at Marlborough was filled to its utmost capacity and Evadne found her work no sinecure.

off Occurrences 31%

In the heart of the great palm-groves to the north-west of Dadar lies an "oart" known as Borkar's Wadi, shaded by tall well-tended trees whose densely-foliaged summits ward off the noon-day sun and form a glistening screen at nights, what time the moon rises full-faced above the eastern hills.

to Occurrences 20%

Should it be thought expedient to overlook the natural claims of my son, and to bestow my ward to the advantage of the Republic, the most that can be expected through her means, is a favorable concession in some future treaty, or a new prop to some of the many decaying interests of the city.

with Occurrences 20%

"I saw hundreds of men lying on the beds in the wards with varieties of wounds, no two being identical.

over Occurrences 16%

It looks proudly over all that glory and keeps ward over all that treasure; and that statue, in full majesty of imperial robes, and bees, and diadem, and face, is of the First Napoleon.

at Occurrences 16%

"O doctor, she has been nursing Jack, who was for weeks in the small-pox ward at Point Lookout!"

for Occurrences 15%

"We've had to turn ze schools into wards for our patients," he explained to the stranger.

from Occurrences 7%

And, in verity, in the end, I saw not how I should come that way to the mouth of the Gorge, if that I would keep off-wards from The Shine.

by Occurrences 7%

In the corner of the verandah that had been turned into an extra ward by screening it off with native reed-fencing was Gilfillan, the most perfect patient.

on Occurrences 6%

just as a wise tutor would do in stating the fact of a double or treble motion, as of a ball rolling north ward on the deck of a ship sailing south, while the earth is turning from west to east.

as Occurrences 5%

" At no time after an intention was entertained of sending Mr. Ward as special agent to Mexico was either the Garay grant or the convention entered into by Mr. Conkling alluded to otherwise than as subjects which might embarrass the negotiation of the treaty, and were consequently not included in the instructions.

about Occurrences 4%

some have derived an explanation of what is else a mysterious circumstance amongst the ceremonial observances at Caesar's funeral that all people of foreign nations then residing at Rome distinguished themselves by the conspicuous share which they took in the public mourning; and that, beyond all other foreigners, the Jews for night after night kept watch and ward about the Emperor's grave.

into Occurrences 3%

After various plans had been suggested and discussed, it was decided that the new government should be vested in a Mayor; a select council of eight persons to be called the Board of Aldermen; and a Common Council of forty-eight persons, four from each of twelve wards into which the city was to be divided.

under Occurrences 3%

He held in his hand an extract from the note written by Mr. Ward under the direction of Mr. Canning.

within Occurrences 3%

And there lay Walkyn (that is a notable fighter) keeping watch and ward within the tower what time he waited thy succour.

than Occurrences 3%

He had been sauntering along Chestnut Street, listlessly troubled by the thought that though he had given Mrs. Hardwick into custody, he was apparently no nearer the discovery of his young ward than before.

against Occurrences 2%

He was leaning very far forward, and he warded against the roll of the car by spreading out his right hand close to the floor; his left hand he poised with the knife, and he began to gather his muscles for the leap.

after Occurrences 2%

Busy and all as they are, they're the kindest men in the world, and just before they began to operate the nurse brought her a letter from Jim and read it to her, and she held it in her hand through it all, and when they wheeled her back into the ward after the operation, it was still in her hand, though she had fainted dead away.

between Occurrences 2%

That intuitive perception of the natural position of muscles, and the importance of keeping them in it, which came to me on first seeing a wound dressed, gave me such control over pain that I used to go through the wards between midnight and morning and put amputation cases to sleep at the rate of one in fifteen minutes.

among Occurrences 1%

You it was who, in some mysterious way, caused him to be abducted into the small-pox ward among the rebel prisoners.

through Occurrences 1%

One to the North-West, and one to the South-East, and of these I have told; and the other twain lay brooding, one to the South-West, and the other to the North-East; and thus the four watchers kept ward through the darkness, upon the Pyramid, and moved not, neither gave they out any sound.

until Occurrences 1%

But we didn't enter the ward until Narayan Singh and an orderly had placed two screens around number nineteen cot, in the way they do when a man is dying, and had placed three chairs at the bedside contrary to the regulations printed on the wall.

fornenst Occurrences 1%

An' there's St. Joseph over in the ward fornenst this, an' St. Elizabeth an' the Holy Mother above.

without Occurrences 1%

The best nurses are foremost in perceiving the absurdity and disagreeableness of such heroines of romance as flourished in the press seven years ago,young ladies disappointed in love, who went out to the East, found their lovers in hospital, and went off with them, to be happy ever after, without any anxiety or shame at deserting their patients in the wards without leave or notice.

Which preposition to use with  ward