Which preposition to use with wildernesses

of Occurrences 357%

Presently, we came among bushes, and, after a time, out upon the top of a high, boulder-strewn bank, from which we looked down into a wilderness of bushes and trees.

in Occurrences 35%

One man wanders away into the wilderness in pursuit of it.

with Occurrences 27%

But, pray, could not one spend some weeks or years in the solitude of this vast wilderness with other employments than these, employments perfectly sweet and innocent and ennobling?

to Occurrences 27%

What's the use of going off into the wilderness to a spooky house if we're not going to meet a ghost?" "Well, you know I didn't promise any ghosts," said Billie, looking up from a piece of fancy work she was embroidering.

for Occurrences 18%

It is true that the Conqueror forged a charter purporting to date from Canute in which the king's sole right to take beasts of chase was asserted, and to this he appealed as justifying his harsh new laws; but it is untrue that he depopulated and destroyed a thriving district to make a wilderness for the red deer.

into Occurrences 18%

All of those who had originally entered the region in the pride of manhood, and had been active in converting the wilderness into the abodes of civilized men, if they had not been literally gathered to their fathers, in a physical sense had been laid, the first of their several races, beneath those sods that were to cover the heads of so many of their descendants.

at Occurrences 11%

"'Tis the end of this wilderness at last, my lord!

by Occurrences 10%

The pinnace that belonged to the colony was appointed by the Governor to convey Roger and his bride to Massachusetts Bay, and land them as near as possible to their new home in Salem; and thus Edith was spared the fatigue and difficulty of a long and toilsome journey through the woods and the wilderness by land.

like Occurrences 9%

How could a delicate child like Leonore fit into a wilderness like this castle.

from Occurrences 9%

In a few weeks their wild harvest was over; they came back through San Fernando; made, almost in silence, their little purchases in the town, and paddled away across the gulf towards the unknown wildernesses from whence they came.

without Occurrences 8%

All this would make it seem a bit queer that Max and his three chums should venture into this section of the wilderness without a guide along; so perhaps it might be wise to enter upon explanations while the opportunity is open.

on Occurrences 8%

But the better informed deemed him a Nestorian monk, who had retired into the wilderness on account of differences with his brethren, who sought to poison him.

about Occurrences 7%

"But I set out to tell the story that the old Ohio pilot told that night, while the travellers sat smoking around their camp-fires, and the wolves were howling in the wilderness about us.

beyond Occurrences 6%

Its myriad stars, white and unshivering, the elusive play of the mysterious lights hovering over the pole, and the black edge of the wilderness beyond the river were holding a greater and greater fascination for him.

as Occurrences 6%

The vows of Henrich and his Christian bride were made in the presence of that God who instituted marriage, and hollowed it; and they were sanctified by the 'prayer of faith, which rises as freely, and as acceptably, from the wilderness as from the stately cathedral.

around Occurrences 5%

The selection of the Wilderness around Chancellorsville, as the ground of battle, was dictated by Lee.

through Occurrences 5%

" The good treatment which these slaves received among the French, and especially at Pittsburgh the gateway to the Northwest Territory, tended to make that city an asylum for those slaves who had sufficient spirit of adventure to brave the wilderness through which they had to go.

between Occurrences 4%

"Amid perils and hardships of every kind the baronet and his companions traversed the wilderness between the headwaters of the Hudson and the St. Lawrence, and after nineteen days' wanderings arrived at Montreal.

before Occurrences 3%

I fancy, if we were as much wrapped up in him as she is, we should make poor pioneers in the wilderness before us.

after Occurrences 3%

The consequence was, she was like Eve after the apple,she knew good and evil; and wasn't the garden just a wilderness after that?

among Occurrences 2%

"Will somebody tell me," said Smith, as we sat on the logs in front of our tent after supper, smudging away the musquitoes with our pipes, "will somebody tell me what we came into this wilderness among these musquitoes, and frogs, and owls for?

beneath Occurrences 2%

They tower so far above the surrounding highlands, that they seem always to be peering over the intervening ranges, as if holding an everlasting watch over the broad wilderness beneath them.

than Occurrences 2%

There is no better example of the kind of zoologist who does first- class field-work in the wilderness than John D. Haseman, who spent from 1907 to 1910 in painstaking and thorough scientific investigation over a large extent of South American territory hitherto only partially known or quite unexplored.

beside Occurrences 1%

When Colonel William Byrd, that sagacious exquisite of Westover, came up the river one day in 1733 to this part of his almost boundless estate, and laid the foundations of Richmond here in the wilderness beside the Falls of the James, he foresaw that he was founding a great city.

along Occurrences 1%

He died from beriberi, far out in the wilderness along our proposed line of march.

Which preposition to use with  wildernesses