Which preposition to use with withdrew

from Occurrences 828%

Some supposed that he withdrew from the sight of men for the purpose of more fervent prayer and more holy meditation; others, that he visited his home, or some other distant country.

to Occurrences 293%

After we arose from this strange scene, and had withdrawn to our chamber, I expressed my surprise to my companion at this contrariety in the tastes of the Terrestrials and Lunarians: whereupon he told me, that the difference was rather apparent than real.

into Occurrences 136%

More and more he withdrew into himself.

in Occurrences 80%

Each of these gentlemen being equally ready to withdraw in the other's favour, I exercised my prerogative as captain of the school, and gave the casting vote in favour of Lucas.

with Occurrences 55%

" She withdrew with that faint, dreamy smile with which she so often heard the instructions of her father; as though she were only listening with half of her mind.

for Occurrences 50%

Are you willing to serve in Civil Hospitals from which personnel have been withdrawn for War Service? 34.

at Occurrences 21%

She saw that Buckheath was in league with her stepfather, and that the pressure was put on according to the younger man's ideas, and would be instantly withdrawn at his bidding.

on Occurrences 20%

Add to all this the regular garrison and the general oversight of every British interest in North America, from the Floridas to Labrador, remember the implacable enemy in front, and we may faintly imagine what Carleton had to do before he could report that 'His Majesty's troops and such remaining Loyalists as chose to emigrate were successfully withdrawn on the 25th

without Occurrences 15%

But big George withdrew without a word, and the reason for his speechlessness was the glistening of his eyes.

behind Occurrences 13%

A second and third shower of fire followed, and then the Indians withdrew behind their shields and quietly awaited the result.

within Occurrences 7%

TwelveAll German troops at present in any territory which before the war belonged to Roumania or Turkey shall withdraw within the frontiers of Germany as they existed on August 3, 1914.

before Occurrences 7%

For a time they flattered themselves with hopes that the late conflagration of the camp would discourage the besiegers; that, as in former years, their invasion would end with the summer, and that they would again withdraw before the autumnal rains.

as Occurrences 7%

Schemes for colonial taxation were rife, and, although the Stamp Act had been withdrawn as impracticable, the principle involved was not given up by the English government nor accepted by the American people.

by Occurrences 6%

After some introductory conversation, the ladies withdrew by themselves, and Julia acquainted Mrs. Wilson with a new source of uneasiness.

beyond Occurrences 6%

He had as it were withdrawn beyond her ken.

out Occurrences 6%

He hoped she would take the hint and withdraw out of earshot, but she had had instructions, and came half a step closer.

across Occurrences 4%

The destruction of their camp on the Lea by the united English forces ended the war; in 897 Hasting again withdrew across the Channel, and the Danelagh made peace.

through Occurrences 4%

He says in his report "Finding ourselves unexpectedly confronted by the Federal army, it became a matter of difficulty to withdraw through the mountain with our large trains; at the same time, the country was unfavorable for collecting supplies while in the presence of the enemy's main body, as he was enabled to restrain our foraging-parties by occupying the passes of the mountains with regular and local troops.

under Occurrences 4%

Because everything had been so suspiciously quiet in this last quarter during the night, I more than half expected to discover that they had withdrawn under cover of darkness; but the presence of the women and children told I was mistaken.

after Occurrences 3%

But, after all, we are more particularly cultivators, kings of the plain, especially when the waters of the Niger withdraw after fertilizing our fields.

toward Occurrences 3%

When the rider drew near, Joel recognized Stephen Remsen, and he withdrew toward the wall, that the Coach might have the benefit of the level footpath and avoid the ruts.

than Occurrences 2%

Mr. Falkland was no sooner withdrawn than the gentlemen present determined to give a still further sanction to the business, by their congratulations.

during Occurrences 2%

The fragmentation of north China The first to fall away from the Tibetan ruler was a noble of the Mu-jung, a member of the ruling family of the "Earlier Yen dynasty", who withdrew during the actual fighting to pursue a policy of his own.

therefrom Occurrences 1%

Jane this time saw him thrust his fingers into his waistcoat pocket and withdraw therefrom,she was almost certain of it,a little slip of paper.

against Occurrences 1%

From there they sent away some of their associates,all, in fact, whom they suspected,while many withdrew against their will, and Cleopatra hastened to Egypt, for fear that her subjects might perhaps revolt, if they heard of the disaster before her coming.

Which preposition to use with  withdrew