Which preposition to use with wool

of Occurrences 32%

It is the cauldron of the city's eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat, and tongue of dog.

in Occurrences 25%

One of the curses of the common people is, 'May the moon eat up your brains;' and in China they say of a man who has done any act of egregious folly, 'He was gathering wool in the moon.'

from Occurrences 23%

But it came to pass very soon thereafter, that DEDREW and PHYSKE fell out, some say about the division of the spoils which they had taken from the enemy, which, being interpreted, is the people, while others do state that DEDREW attempted to cut the wool from PHYSKE, but that it stuck so tightly that PHYSKE caught him.

for Occurrences 23%

Froebel's own list of playthings contains, besides balls and building blocks, coloured beads, coloured tablets for laying patterns, coloured papers for cutting, folding and plaiting; pencils, paints and brushes; modelling clay and sand; coloured wool for sewing patterns and pictures; and such little sticks and laths as children living in a forest region find for themselves.

over Occurrences 15%

Then came the wonderful multitude of miners into the foot-hill zone, mostly blind with gold-dust, soon followed by "sheepmen," who, with wool over their eyes, chased their flocks through all the forest belts from one end of the range to the other.

on Occurrences 12%

It is true he sees milking, harvesting, sheep-shearing, and many other operations, but he often misses the stage between the actual beginning and the finished productbetween the wool on the sheep's back and his Sunday clothes, between the wheat in the field and his loaf of bread.

to Occurrences 10%

The Cheviot is a small-boned sheep, and well covered with wool to the hough; the only defect in this breed, is in a want of depth in the chest.

as Occurrences 7%

A father was fined if his daughter did not spin as much flax or wool as the selectmen required of her.

into Occurrences 6%

They generally worked in pairs, a spinning wheel and cards being assigned to each pair, and while one carded the wool into rolls, the other spun it into yarn suitable for weaving into cloth, or a coarse, heavy thread used in making bridles and lines for the mules that were used in the fields.

like Occurrences 5%

The poultry here are very large, and as white as snow, but have wool like sheep instead of feathers.

by Occurrences 4%

Twisting the fibres of wool by the fingers would be a most tedious operation; in the common spinning-wheel the velocity of the foot is moderate; but, by a very simple contrivance, that of the thread is most rapid.

with Occurrences 4%

Cover it immediately with a good coating of common flour, or cotton-wool with flour dredged well into it.

about Occurrences 2%

On one occasion she even went so far as to inveigle him into holding a skein of wool about his clumsy hands, while she wound the violet worsted into a ball, and delicately inquired if he believed Samuel spoke the truth when he had protested that he had never paid court to any other woman.

at Occurrences 2%

The sterile fronds may be distinguished from those of the cinnamon fern by not having retained, like those, a tuft of wool at the base of each pinna.

off Occurrences 2%

It is taken from these by an iron-hand or comb, which has a motion similar to that of scratching, and takes the wool off the cards longitudinally in respect to the fibres or staple, producing a continued line loosely cohering, called the Rove or Roving.

beside Occurrences 1%

On the following day she lays three packets of wool beside the path near the house to signify that she is now a woman.

out Occurrences 1%

So we find that in 1337 they made it a felony to carry wool out of England, or to wear cloth made out of England; and no clothes made beyond the seas were to be brought into England.

before Occurrences 1%

Sometimes even in Sofia you will meet a shepherd patiently urging his little flock up a modern concrete sidewalk and stopping now and then for some passer-by to pick up a lamb, "heft" it, poke it, and feel its wool before deciding whether or not he should take it home for dinner.

than Occurrences 1%

The face and legs are black, or sometimes mottled, the horns spiral, and on the top of the forehead it has a small round tuft of lighter-coloured wool than on the face; has the muzzle and lips of the same light hue, and what shepherds call a mealy mouth; the eye is full of vivacity and fire, and well open; the body long, round, and firm, and the limbs robust.

around Occurrences 1%

And on the running water-brooks the cold Lays icy hold; Then up: beat down the winter; make the fire Blaze high and higher; Mix wine as sweet as honey of the bee Abundantly; Then drink with comfortable wool around Your temples bound.

Toward Occurrences 1%

The Giant of the Pool Heaves his forehead white as wool Toward the Iris every climbing From the Cataracts that call Irremovable vast arras Draping all the Wall.

under Occurrences 1%

She can see how she does up her hair, in something approaching the new way, leaning back behind her in the class and tracing out the twists between the questions; for Lucilla can only afford to use her own, and a few strands of harmless Berlin wool under it; she can't buy coils and braids and two-dollar rats, or intricacies ready made up at theupholsterer's, I was going to say.

until Occurrences 1%

At other seasons of the year I had to card wool until a very late hour.

across Occurrences 1%

But the slowly moving figures were approaching, the black figure with bent shoulders and a slouched hat, the tall slight figure at his side in light gray with a shawl of white wool across her shoulders and drawn up over her hair, the fleecy whiteness softening the lines of a face that were already softened.

within Occurrences 1%

He stood with brawny shoulders bare, And tossed his nervous arms in air Chains, leathern thongs, and brazen bands Parted like wool within his hands; And giant trunks of gnarled oak, Splintered and into ribbons rent, Or by his iron sinews broke, Increased the people's wonderment.

Which preposition to use with  wool