Which preposition to use with worst

than Occurrences 2101%

If you had fallen amongst these, you may think yourself very strong, but you would have found it worse than the sewers of Augeas: I drained out more filth than you did.

of Occurrences 1337%

He made a very good fight, but he had that worst of all faults for a leader, he was unpopular.

for Occurrences 894%

We had a big bay mare, a very fast trotter, which always did the train service, and the two were stationed there sometimes from six-thirty to nine-thirty, but they never seemed the worse for it.

as Occurrences 599%

"Is it as bad as that?" asked Barnett, smiling.

in Occurrences 308%

There is nothing worse in the world than this running around loose, with no one to look after you, and no one for you to look after; no one to notice you when you wag your tail, and to have no occasion for so doing.

to Occurrences 116%

In the mean time, affairs had gone from bad to worse, and the men were wholly unnerved.

with Occurrences 83%

In fact, they go no further than positively declining to do anything bad with their navy.

by Occurrences 69%

"And afterwards the jackass-fool made matters worse by calling me 'his darling.'

at Occurrences 69%

It became far worse at Sorel.

about Occurrences 54%

Americans in general were ready to believe anything bad about the Indians and the British.

on Occurrences 48%

I s'pose I'll know the worst on settlin'-day.

from Occurrences 43%

The state of the country grew worse from day to day.

in Occurrences 33%

" Smeaton, whose veracity it was impossible to doubt, confirmed the last speaker's assertions, and Allingford and Acton were forced to beat a retreat, feeling that they had certainly been worsted in the encounter.

after Occurrences 15%

Things got to be so bad after a while that the bark was rubbed off every tree in town on account of the people incontinently shinning up them whenever SLUKER came in sight.

among Occurrences 12%

He had never been at West Point; but he believed that a million dollars, for instance, would go further and fare worse among two hundred men than among three.

off Occurrences 11%

Johnnie ran into the kitchen to help Mrs. Bence get breakfast on the table, for Pap Himes was bad off this morning with a misery somewhere, and his daughter was sending word to the cotton mill to put a substitute on her looms till dinner time.

over Occurrences 7%

why did he do all thiswhat does it mean?" "I don't know exactly, sir, but he was very queer for a week and more before it," replied the man; "there was something bad over him for a long time.

without Occurrences 7%

So the valley of the Wolf awaited a king worth fighting for, and in the meantime they paid no taxes, enjoyed no postal service, and were perhaps none the worse without it.

until Occurrences 7%

I have done odd jobs, at times, but my fortunes went from bad to worse until of late I have become no better than the typical tramp.

like Occurrences 6%

The weak king, the twelfth from David, was inclined to the idolatries of the surrounding nations, but was not signally bad like Ahab.

during Occurrences 6%

It might truly be called a bill of mortality; for my members all went from bad to worse during the short time they continued in this system.

through Occurrences 5%

"Things got so bad through my continued refusal to fall in with my stepmother's wishes that I was reduced to a state bordering on despair.

against Occurrences 5%

But if I wrote a letter to Godensky in the morning, saying I had changed my mind, that he could do his worst against Raoul du Laurier and against me, for nothing should part us two except death?

towards Occurrences 4%

It was always worse towards eveningan agony of longing, regret, fury, vague jealousy and desire.

under Occurrences 4%

I enter not into particulars; for it is always better to speak of the dead than the living; but I must say, that Agrigentum never fared worse under Phalaris, nor Syracuse under Dionysius, nor Thebes in the hand of the bloody tyrant Eteocles, even though all those wretches were villains by whose orders every day, without fault, without even charge, men were sent by dozens to the scaffold or into hopeless exile.

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