Which preposition to use with zenobia

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So, making every preparation for her journey,money, ornaments, gifts,a kind of Queen of Sheba, a Zenobia in her pride and glory, a Queen Esther when she had invited the king and his minister to a banquet,she came to the Cydnus, and ascended the river in a magnificent barge, such as had never been seen before, and prepared to meet her judge, not as a criminal, but as a conqueror, armed with those weapons that few mortals can resist.

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In a lighter style, and more accordant with feminine grace, was Lady Morley's comment on the decaying charms of her famous rival, Lady Jerseythe Zenobia of Endymionof whom some gushing admirer had said that she looked so splendid going to court in her mourning array of black and diamonds"it was like night."

Which preposition to use with  zenobia