10 Verbs to Use for the Word abasement

He felt the abasement of it.

The second group contained "abasement," "abhorrence," "ablution," etc., which admitted excellently of histrionic representation.

His face wore a look of hot, flurried excitement, and his manner was one of abject, cringing self-abasement.

This sect then boldly declared: "We view it as contrary to the golden law of God and the prophets, and the inalienable rights of mankind as well as every principle of the Revolution to hold in deepest abasement, in a more abject slavery than is perhaps to be found in any part of the world, except America, so many souls that are capable of the image of God.

France was already beginning to perceive her sudden abasement in Europe; the defaults of her generals as well as of her government sometimes struck the king himself; he threw the blame of it on the barrenness of his times.

The state of the flour-barrel would also produce a like self-abasement.

With greater, I think, than should be from distance of years, as she was the wife of a gentleman; and as the appearance of every thing about her, as well house as dress, carries the marks of such good circumstances, as require not abasement.

James G. Birney said that the slaveholding churches like indifferent observers, had watched the abasement of the Negroes to a plane of beasts without remonstrating with legislatures against the iniquitous measures.

As a result of this, we all condemned still more strongly his abasement and folly.

XVII Nothing was bitterer to her than to confess to herself the failure of her power; but her last talk with Van Degen had taught her a lesson almost worth the abasement.

10 Verbs to Use for the Word  abasement