22 Verbs to Use for the Word abides

And Betty's husband's at the wood, Where by the week he doth abide, A woodman in the distant vale; There's none to help poor Susan Gale; 30 What must be done?

May your bow long abide in strength!

But oh, o'er all, forget not Kilda's race, On whose bleak rocks, which brave the wasting tides, Fair Nature's daughter, Virtue, yet abides.

I will lay by my trusty bow and eke my arrows, and if thou darest abide my coming, I will go and cut a cudgel to test thy manhood withal.

Nor all the gods beside Longer dare abide Not Typhon huge, ending in snaky twine: Our babe, to show his Godhead true, Can in his swaddling bands control the damnéd crew.

A story destined for thy ear, who now, 375 Among the fallen of nations, dost abide Where Etna, over hill and valley, casts His shadow stretching towards Syracuse, [L] The city of Timoleon!

And, that at better ease thou may'st abide, Bedding and clothes I will this night provide, And needful sustenance, that thou may'st be 160 A conquest better won, and worthy me.

That which is firme doth flit and fall away, And that is flitting doth abide and stay.

But orators may grieve, for in their sides, Rather than heads, their faculty abides; Yet I have heard old voices loud and clear, And still my own sometimes the Senate hear.

" Well, we mun grin an' abide till it's o'er, aw guess.

Know I am named Fallerio to deceive The world with shew of truth and honestie, But yet nor truth, nor honestie abides Within my thoughts, but falshood, crueltie, Blood-sucking Avarice, and all the sinnes, That hale men on to bloodie stratagems, Like to your selves, which care not how you gaine, By blood, extorcion, falshood, periurie, So you may have a pleasing recompence:

Lais of Corinth, now grown old, gave up her glass to Venus, for she could hot abide to look upon it.

lay all thy vanity aside, And know that health and wealth abide but by the will Of dervishes.

Where abides he now?" "Saving your Majesty's presence," they said, "he lieth upon a certain dunghill.

In loving Christian fellowship the chorus abides.

thy stately mansion, and the pride Of thy domain, strange contrast do present To house and home in many a craggy tent Of the wild Peak, where new born waters glide Through fields whose thrifty occupants abide As in a dear and chosen banishment With every semblance of entire content; So kind is simple Nature, fairly tried!

If to her there came nothing of all that passes in love, sorrow, passion or anguish, still did she possess all that abides when emotion has faded away.

I begged my friends to stand abide and leave Lowrie and me to settle the trouble, saying to them: "I cannot fight behind ramparts of friends.

For indeed the inns of Germany, and especially of the North, were not at that time such as wise and learned men could readily submit toneither abide in, to be herded with dull, landward peasants and all the tankard-swilling gutter-knaves of the town.

No blame to thee, whosoever dost abide By Nyle, or Gange, or Tygre, or Euphrate; Ne Afrike thereof guiltie is, nor Spaine, Nor the bolde people by the Thamis brincks, Nor the brave warlicke brood of Alemaine, Nor the borne souldier which Rhine running drinks.

I, for an Asse can beare, a Foole abide, and a Knave deserve.

I will choose me one score of my good men to go with me, for I may need aid; and thou, Will Scarlet, wilt abide here and be the chief while I am gone." Then searching through all the band, each man of whom crowded forward eager to be chosen, Robin called such as he wished by name, until he had a score of stout fellows, the very flower of his yeomanrie.

22 Verbs to Use for the Word  abides