50 Verbs to Use for the Word absorptions

They boldly attacked the whole of the pretensions of the Church; they threatened to rob it of a mass of financial business, to wrest from its control an enormous amount of property, to deprive it of jurisdiction in the great majority of criminal suits, to limit its power of irresponsible self-government, and to prevent its absorption into the vast organization of the Church of Western Christendom.

Whatever happens, the effete Dual System in its present form is doomed, for while an Austrian defeat means dissolution, an Austrian victory means the absorption of Serbia and Montenegro, and in either case the balance between Austria and Hungary will be fatally disturbed and a new constitutional arrangement rendered inevitable.

The Elder could not comfort her when she was in this frame of mind; in fact, he himself was sometimes afraid, seeing her utter absorption in the child.

The pressure and the friction excite the vessels of the part, and cause an absorption of the effused matter under the eyelash.

Os Pedis showing Absorption of Bone caused by the Pressure of a Keraphyllocele.

" X Marina, under the yellow glare of the lamp in the dark oak cabinet, worked fitfully, with broken, lifeless strokes, at the designs before her; while her father, feigning absorption in some new drawings which lay spread out within touch of his strong-veined hands, watched her furtively from the other side of the table.

But perhaps the most instructive point of view from which to regard the absorption of country population by the towns is not from inside but from outside.

" Jocunda, who was quite matter-of-fact in her ideas of religion, made a little movement of impatience, but was recalled to herself by observing the devout absorption with which Agnes, with clasped hands and downcast head, was mentally joining in the hymn with a solemn brightness in her young face.

His pale eyes had that dulness which betokens, if not an absorption in the things to come, that which often passes for the same, an incompetence to face the present moment.

The principal object of conducting the investigation during the summer solstice has been the facilities afforded for determining atmospheric absorption, the sun's zenith distance at noon being only 17° 12' at New York.

"You must excuse my absorption.

Hardy's later works exhibit an increasing absorption in ethical and religious problems.

Big marble tears stood arrested in mid-career down the cheeks, while the features expressed the pious absorption of the Divine Mother's grief.

The porous limestone of which the houses are built greatly favors absorption.

Hence the difficulty of breathing experienced after scalds or burns on the cuticle, the cough that follows the absorption of cold or damp by the skin, the oppressed and laborious breathing experienced by children in all eruptive diseases, while the rash is coming to the surface, and the hot, dry skin that always attends congestion of the lungs, and fever.

He hated Rosa for her gayety, her absorption in the young scamp Dick.

A firm belief in a sphere of life freed from the category of time, together with the conviction that the poetic images of that superior world current among mankind are images and nothing else, is likely to give rise to definitions of the Absolute by purely negative attributes and to mental efforts having for their object the absorption of individual existence in the indescribable infinite.

But she had shown him what to look for, and for the life of him he couldn't help seeing it at every turn: in Anne's face, in the way she looked at Colin, the way she spoke to him; in her kindness to him, her tender, quiet absorption.

As the production of water gas implies the absorption of a large quantity of sensible heat, it is accompanied with a rapid fall of temperature in the chambers, B', and eventually also in the generator, A, while at the same time the chambers, B, are but moderately heated by the sensible heat of the current of gas produced.

Julius sat down upon the third step of the staircase, his countenance indicating entire absorption in the comparison before him.

When any alcohol is present in the circulation, its greed for water induces the absorption of moisture from the red globules of the blood, the oxygen-carriers.

Maggie knew now where Paul had learnt the quiet concentration of mind, the absorption in his own affairs, the complete lack of interest in the business of his neighbor which made him different from other men.

He lay a long time, curious to see how long the figure would maintain its statue-like absorption.

All displacement determinations will be made as quickly as possible in order to minimize the absorption of water by the specimen.

The mental pleasure I experienced with you was measured and limited only by my own perversity and morbid self-absorption; the splendour of the passion I divine in you, unawakened, awes me, leaves me in wonder.

50 Verbs to Use for the Word  absorptions