125 Verbs to Use for the Word accenting

The latter described to us the campaign about Lemberg, and it was interesting to hear the rasping accent he gave to a word like "Durchbrechung," for instance, as if he were a Prussian instead of an Austrian, and to observe the frankness with which he ascribed the difference that had come over the spirit of the Austro-Hungarian army to the coming of Mackensen and the Germans.

"Well, it's the truth, then," he said, and his voice took on an accent of bitterness.

It is woman alone who consistently places the love accent upon other matters than mere flesh and muscle.

It is for the writer to obey the great cardinal principle of Sincerity, and be brave enough to express himself in his own way, following the mood of his own mind, rather than endeavouring to catch the accents of another, or to adapt himself to some standard of taste.

I had already taken my determination upon this article; and the moment I learned the particulars of the charge against me, resolved, for the present at least, to lay aside my Irish accent, and speak my native tongue.

" "Yesdid you notice his accent?

The lines are seldom harmonious, and we must frequently change the accent of common words, or lay stress on unimportant particles, to show the rhythm.

She watched him open the gate and take the old gentleman by the arm; she heard the murmur of his voice speaking soft accents as the pair walked up the path together.

A few small words, called enclitics, generally throw their accent, as an acute, on the last syllable of the preceding word. § 4.

Blank verse took from Latin its rhymelessness, but it retained accent instead of quantity as the basis of its line.

And again, it should be observed, that generally, wherever he marks accent, he follows the old mode, which Sheridan and Webster so justly condemn; so that, even when he is speaking of "the accent on the consonant," the sign of stress, as that of time, is set over a vowel: as, "Sádly, róbber.

That exposed hill-sidethose batteries through which I had walkedthose crowded roads, and travelling guns, those marching troops and piled ammunition dumps!how the recollection of them gave accent and fire to the picture of the battle as the telegrams from the front built it up day by day before one's eyes!

dear drives under the acacias!" "Drives under the acacias!" echoes Frank, dropping his accent of sentimentalism, and speaking rather sharply.

READE, INEZ E. Improve your accent.

E'en Envy's self shall sanction that applause: And oft, slow pacing yon sepulchral gloom, With fond regret shall Meditation pause, And breathe these accents o'er his honour'd tomb: Ye Muses!

" Hiramani spoke in faltering accents and wiped away an imaginary tear with the corner of her cloth.

"The ignorance of the upper classes is somethink shockin'," the sportsman replied, imitating Mr. Clarkson's Oxford accent.

They say a barrel organ played quite near them, they say a coster was singing, they admit that he was singing out of tune, they admit a cockney accent, and yet they say that that song had in it something that no earthly song had ever had before, and both men say that they would have wept but that there was a feeling about their heartstrings that was far too deep for tears.

There was the broad arch of the forehead, a hundred feet in height; the nose, with its long bridge; and the vast lips, which, if they could have spoken, would have rolled their thunder accents from one end of the valley to the other.

Where could he find the moving accents of the bishop of Constantinople?

(a) There is no diphthong if one of two contiguous strong vowels receives the accent.

she cried in clear, cutting accents, without noticing the presence of Fogerty.

6. Does emphasis ever affect accent? 7.

For even if the exact words could be repeated, who could bring back again her tender, loving accents, or that strange earnestness and "unction from the Holy One" with which they were uttered?

And with commanding accents master him.

125 Verbs to Use for the Word  accenting